Photos: The Daily Emerald's 50 best of 2018

(Design by Kelly Kondo/Emerald)

A letter from the visual editors:

When you ask someone what they would take from a burning house, more often than not, they say they’d take the photo album.

Visuals make people feel. They make people engage. Visuals are an essential tool to the modern publication — what’s a newspaper without a front-page photo? A picture must grab attention, send a message, provoke change and tell a story, and it happens in an instant. They have an important role to play, allowing a potential reader to deem whether or not the content inside is worth their interest.

To be a newspaper photographer is to be a documentarian. Moments are fleeting, and it is our duty to save those moments and share them with our viewers. It’s very much like holding on to photo album memories.

As photographers and visual thinkers, we learn to see the world through a different perspective from most: our own perspective. How we choose to make an image is choosing how we want to represent the world around us. And for that reason, we have a very impactful role to play.

We hope this 2018 collection reminds you of the many events that occurred this year. The photos featured in this edition were taken by the following Daily Emerald photographers: Adam Eberhardt, Benjamin Green, Maddie Knight, Rylee Marron, Madi Mather, Sarah Northrop, Phillip Quinn, Devin Roux, Dana Sparks and Henry Ward.

Kelly Kondo (Art Director), Sarah Northrop (Photo editor) and Regan Nelson (Design editor)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-2.jpg

A fantastic catch during the halftime show. Oregon basketball takes on University of Southern California at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore. on Jan. 18th, 2018. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-3.jpg

Show Host Monique performs "I Think About You." The LGBTQA3 Alliance holds its annual Dungeons and Drag Queens drag show at the EMU Ballroom in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 3, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-1.jpg

There are four miles of tunnels beneath the University of Oregon campus, where hard hats, flash lights and radios are required to be on one's person at all times. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

Benjamin Green: Years from now, when I look back at my college career, I know the first thing that will always come to mind will be the tunnels. I don’t normally shoot urban or industrial subjects, so this story was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. Not only that, I’ve never been in a confined space before and had a feeling I’d be afraid of the dark. That’s where the monsters live, right? I remember climbing down that ladder, thinking to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” But hands down that was one of the most amazing days of my life. To be one of the last college students to enter into those tunnels after they were closed off, to show the rest of campus what lurks beneath us — that’s an experience I’m never going to forget.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-5.jpg

Oregon Ducks forward Troy Brown (0) dives for the ball. Oregon basketball takes on the Washington Cougars at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 11, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-4.jpg

The Oregon Ducks perform a final routine. Oregon acrobatics and tumbling defeats Hawai’i Pacific on Feb. 9, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-7.jpg

The Oregon Ducks hold up the trophy after their win. The Oregon Ducks face the Stanford Cardinal in the final of the Pac-12 Tournament at KeyArena in Seattle, Wash. on Sunday, March 4, 2018. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-6.jpg

Ducks forward Paul White (13) is blocked by Sun Devils guard Shannon Evans (11). Oregon basketball takes on the Arizona State Sun Devils at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore. on Feb. 22, 2018. (Ben Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-9.jpg

Oregon sprinter Lauren Rain Williams hugs her teammate after the 4x100 meter relay. The Pepsi Invitational is held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on Saturday, April 7, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-26.jpg

G-Eazy headlines the Endless Summer Tour at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Wash. on July 21, 2018. (Henry Ward/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-10.jpg

Oregon sprinter Venessa D'Arpino races in the 100m. The Pepsi Invitational is held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on Saturday, April 7, 2018. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-12.jpg

A barefoot David Byrne looks out from the Sasquatch! main stage. In addition to a few covers and his newer music, he played Talking Heads classics like ‘This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” and “Burning Down the House.” Day one of Sasquatch! Music Festival kicks off on May 25, 2018. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-11.jpg

Fans of Illenium dance to the music during the show. Illenium performs at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Ore. on May 18, 2018. (Phillip Quinn/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-13.jpg

The 44th Prefontaine Classic is held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on May 25, 2018. (Madi Mather/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-15.jpg

Shakey Graves playfully gets the crowd to sing along. High energy persists at Sasquatch! Music Festival day two despite the high Saturday heat on May 26, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-16.jpg

A Holi festival-goer flinches just before a color packet bursts in front of her. The UO SIS Holi 2018 celebrates the arrival of spring on June 1, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-18.jpg

The NCAA Track & Field National Championships are held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on Thursday, June 7, 2018. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-17.jpg

Wayne Coyne pulls a giant ‘FUCK YEAH EUGENE’ balloon from offstage. The Flaming Lips make a stop in Oregon for a zany, sold-out show at Eugene’s McDonald Theatre on June 2, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-20.jpg

Ducks runner Sabrina Southerland takes off during the 800m. The NCAA Track & Field National Championships are held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on June 8, 2018. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-21.jpg

An excavator rips off the wooden sides of the East Grandstand. Historic Hayward Field’s East Grandstand is demolished on June 22, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-22.jpg

Pyrotechnicians set off fireworks for a large display at the Eugene Pro Rodeo. The 27th Eugene Pro Rodeo rides into July 4, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-23.jpg

Crane climb: The Emerald begins the ascent of the crane at the heart of campus. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-25.jpg

Lil Uzi Vert opens the Endless Summer Tour at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Wash. on July 21, 2018. (Henry Ward/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-24.jpg

A young girl periodically stretches her wings in excitement as her friends, hidden in front of her, play a game. The 49th annual Oregon Country Fair proved to be a surprisingly vast network woven into the forest, creating a dreamy home for family and friends to indulge in Eugene's hippie roots for a weekend. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

Dana Sparks: My background is in long-format photojournalism, meaning I like to take my time and dig deep when working on a story. But event coverage, like photographing the Oregon Country Fair, feels quick and dirty — literally so for the latter, in this case. My sandal-clad feet and camera alike were crusty with dust kicked up in the dry heat. Weaving in and out of the crowd among the trees was a learning lesson and the reward is images like these.

The 49th annual OCF ran July 13 to 15. As this was my first time attending, I finally received some long-awaited answers about the fair. The event had been placed on a pedestal for the whimsical fun it had provided my friends while growing up and now growing old. I could ask questions about what happens at OCF, but none of the answers — usually involving “a hippie fair” — could quite capture what it’s like. Even still, it’s changing.

Each year it gets a little more popular, and I worry about what is lost as the forest festival swells with traffic pouring in from around the country. Should these images inspire you to attend next year — or start your own hippie fair — slow down, dig in and remember that it’s a community around you.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-27.jpg

G-Eazy headlines the Endless Summer Tour at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Wash. on July 21, 2018. (Henry Ward/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-29.jpg

An unnamed performer came out in a disguise before shedding the dark cloak and mask to reveal a hidden rainbow. The Pride Festival boasts a large and colorful crowd of friends, families, vendors and performers in Alton Baker Park August 11, 2018. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-28.jpg

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes outfielder Jose Layer dives back to first. The Eugene Emeralds host the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes at PK Park in Eugene, Ore. on July 25, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-30.jpg

Hobo Johnson turns red and his brow furls with emotion during his performance. Day one of 2018 Bumbershoot kicks off Labor Day weekend at Seattle Center on Aug. 31, 2018. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-31.jpg

The Chainsmokers’ set involves a vivid display of pyrotechnics. Day one of 2018 Bumbershoot kicks off Labor Day weekend at Seattle Center on Aug. 31, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-33.jpg

Dave Grohl couldn’t help but smile as the Foo Fighters announced they’d perform a special show, saying they would perform until kicked off the stage. Foo Fighters rock the Moda Center in Portland, Ore. on Sept. 10, 2018. (Henry Ward/Emerald)

Henry Ward: One of my favorite concerts would have to be the Foo Fighters show I shot for the Emerald in September. Seriously, my ears are still probably ringing from it. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Foo Fighters by any means, they still absolutely blew my expectations.

This was my third ever time shooting a show, so I was very nervous, but all of that went away the second Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters came out. No one can match Grohl’s energy, so my being literally five feet away from him gave me an unreal confidence boost. Just seeing the way he runs back and forth on the stage while interacting with both his fans and band members is amazing, and I’ve never seen anything like it.

As a photographer, you’re typically only allowed in the pit area for the first three songs. The Foo Fighters were amazing with this, as their three songs probably lasted ar least 20 minutes, which gave me plenty of time to snag amazing pics and enjoy the moment. On top of all this, Emerald Editor-in-Chief Zach Price and I were given free front row seats to watch the entirety of what is one of the greatest shows I’ve seen. Dave Grohl himself even announced it was going to be a special show because the band’s first show was also in Portland, 20 years earlier. Foo Fighters rocked the Moda Center on what was a memorable night, playing at least one track off every album they’ve released.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-32.jpg

#SEATTLE: Although many festival staples like totems weren’t allowed in the Bumbershoot grounds, some festival attendees still find ways to stand out in the crowd. Day one of 2018 Bumbershoot kicks off Labor Day weekend at Seattle Center on Aug. 31, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-34.jpg

A barefoot Florence Welch dances around stage, encouraging the crowd to clap during “Between Two Lungs.” Florence + the Machine brings the High As Hope arena tour to the Moda Center in Portland, Ore. on Sept. 11, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-35.jpg

Ducks football players hit Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” as they walk onto the field. (Rylee Maron/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-36.jpg

Football fans gather on the University of Oregon campus, cheering loud and displaying crafty signs for the ESPN College GameDay broadcast on Sept. 22, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-37.jpg

Stanford players tackle Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert. Oregon Ducks football takes on Stanford at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore. on Sept. 22, 2018. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-38.jpg

Ducks quarterback Justin Hebert (10) hands off the ball. Oregon Ducks Football takes on UC Berkeley at California Memorial Stadium on Sept. 29, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-40.jpg

The Junior League of Eugene showcases their favorite Madonna songs. Teams from Eugene and Springfield participate in the Relief Nursery’s Lip Sync Battle Reloaded at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Ore. on Oct. 26, 2018. (Madi Mather/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-39.jpg

Billie Eilish fans reach out towards the up and coming artist. Billie Eilish performs at the Roseland Theater in Portland on Oct. 23, 2018. (Maddie Knight/Emerald)

Maddie Knight: I have always been amazed by the way photographs capture a moment in time forever. I strive to take photographs that evoke emotions in their viewers. Photographing Billie Eilish, one of my favorite artists, was definitely the best photography experience I have ever had. Looking back at the photos I took from that concert feels like going through a time machine. Capturing those hectic, high-energy moments of her concert allows not only me, but anyone who views the photos, to relate and connect with the photographs as if they were at the concert too.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-42.jpg

Ducks forward Francis Okoro (33) listens to coach Dana Altman during a timeout. Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball hosts Western Oregon at Matt Knight Arena in Eugene Ore. on Nov. 1, 2018. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-43.jpg

Bruins wide reciever Theo Howard (14) leaps into the air in a failed attempt to make the catch. Oregon Ducks Football takes on UCLA at Autzen Stadium in Eugene Ore. on Nov. 3, 2018. (Ben Green/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-44.jpg

Demonstrators gather at the rally as seen through an art piece at the Federal Courthouse. Hundreds gather at the 'Nobody is Above the Law' rally to protest President Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 8, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-46.jpg

Oregon Ducks guard Sabrina Ionescu (20) blocks a shot from Syracuse guard Kiara Lewis (12). Oregon Ducks women’s basketball hosts Syracuse at Matt Knight Arena in Eugene Ore. on Nov. 10, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-45.jpg

Ducks men's basketball wins 81-47 against Eastern Washington University at Matthew Knight Arena on Nov. 9, 2018. (Madi Mather/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-48.jpg

Ducks kicker Zach Emmerson (40) kicks the ball toward OSU. Oregon Ducks football takes on the Oregon State University Beavers for the Civil War at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, Ore. on Nov. 23, 2018. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-47.jpg

A young attendee holds her candle up during the candle lighting ceremony. EUGfun hosts the "Light Up Downtown" tree lighting ceremony to kick off the holiday season in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 16, 2018. (Maddie Knight/ Emerald)

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-49.jpg

Freddy Kennett of Louis the Child performs on stage. Louis the Child packs the sold-out McDonald Theatre during their Dear Sense Tour in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 28, 2018. (Madi Mather/Emerald)

The Emerald's Top Five

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-50.jpg

Fans dance amid glitter and confetti as Wafia, an opener for Louis the Child, joins the performance’s finale at the sold-out McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 28, 2018. (Madi Mather)

Madi Mather: Louis the Child was the first concert that I shot professionally and has been one of my favorite shoots so far. The show was sold-out at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene. I have wanted to shoot concerts since I was young; my father was once a concert photographer and has told me stories of his experiences. It was amazing to be able to be a photographer at this event, especially when I also have a personal interest in the performing artists.

The opening acts, Wafia and Nombe, were very energetic and lively on the stage. By the time Louis the Child was ready to perform, the floor was packed with fans dressed for the occasion. During the performance, the EDM duo gave new meaning to “lighting up the stage” with their flashing lasers and bright colors. This being my first time at a rave, it was shocking to shoot with the lights and set. However, I enjoyed the new experience and challenge. After shooting this concert, I decided that I want to continue photographing as many concerts as I can.


2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-19.jpg

Oregon Ducks runner Jessica Hull crosses the finish line to win the 1500m. The NCAA Track & Field National Championships are held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on June 8, 2018. (Benjamin Green/Emerald)

Benjamin Green: Two of my biggest passions have always been sports and photography. I started playing hockey the same year that I first took a picture, at age 4. They’ve both not only been present throughout my life but also extremely important to who I am. After spending years playing different sports, I feel as if I can take bits and pieces from the mechanical side of sports and express them passionately and artistically through my camera.

Track is one of the most exciting and challenging sports to shoot. These athletes train for months on end to compete in one event and nothing feels better than capturing a dream coming true. The reason I love this picture is because Jessica’s face screams accomplishment.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-41.jpg

Oregon Ducks center Bol Bol (1) dunks the ball. Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball hosts Western Oregon University at Matt Knight Arena in Eugene Ore. on Nov. 1, 2018. (Devin Roux/Emerald)

Devin Roux: I started shooting sports in high school, and I was instantly drawn to the challenge of capturing action. I love the intensity and spirit of Oregon Athletics, and I have had a blast photographing each team. It is incredibly rewarding to get the shot as imagined, and I still am as passionate about sports photography as when I started six years ago. The energy of both the women’s and the men’s basketball teams, as well as the passion of the fans, makes photographing at Matt Knight Arena an incredible experience.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-14.jpg

Lizzo covered TLC’s “Scrub,” drank Patron tequila right out of the bottle on stage and initiated what she thought should be the world record for a “mass twerking”. High energy persists at Sasquatch! Music Festival day two despite the high Saturday heat on May 26, 2018. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

Dana Sparks: Sasquatch! Music Festival — R.I.P. — was the ultimate last-minute adventure of summer 2018. Equipped with our cameras and a cheap tent, Emerald photo editor Sarah Northrop and I jumped in the car at 5 a.m. for the long drive to the Gorge Amphitheater.

Entering the camp site, cars lined the narrow dirt road like a wagon train — some diverging left or right to settle into little neighborhoods of car campers outside the venue. Our backdrop for the weekend would be the blue, summer skies and the golden green ripples of tall grass that gave way to cliffs and the Columbia River.

Inside the venue, four different stages were perched on small rolling hills — a celebration of music seemingly establishing a small town overnight. Headliners included Bon Iver, David Byrne, Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals and Modest Mouse, with supporting acts from performers like Phoebe Bridgers, Japandroids and Lizzo.

A three-day assignment across state lines with live coverage from the Emerald proved to be exactly what it sounds like: three 18-hour days in a row, more music than comprehensible and these sick pics all for you.

2018.12.03.EMG.SPECIAL EDITION-8.jpg

Hundreds of UO students and faculty left their classrooms at 10 a.m. to gather on the EMU lawn during the March 14, 2018 National School Walkout — an effort to demand stricter gun regulation after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flo. (Sarah Northrop/Emerald)

Sarah Northrop: The walkout itself was a peaceful moment. It was a beautiful display of communities coming together and of our First Amendment rights of freedom of expression — something we journalists hold dear. I tweeted the photos out that afternoon, not expecting much to happen. Instead, my phone buzzed off the hook for most of the day, and the day after that, which serves to show that those pictures were meaningful to many more people than just the photographer.

Photo Editor

Sarah is the photo editor of the Daily Emerald. She is well-versed in photography, feature writing and all things visual tempo. Sarah shoots almost every type of subject and specializes in concert photography and photojournalism.


Benjamin Green is a third generation photographer who first picked up a camera at the age of 4. Currently Ben is finishing up his last year at University of Oregon, graduating with a degree in History.

Photojournalist and Sex and Relationships columnist

Dana is a photojournalist specializing in long-format storytelling — particularly regarding gender and social justice topics. She is the Daily Emerald Sex and Relationships columnist. This is her third year at the Emerald.


Henry Ward is a third year student at the University of Oregon and is pursuing his dream of becoming a tour photographer and videographer. Follow him on Instagram: www.instagram.com/henry_m_ward


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