Wow! It’s already week 9 of Spring Term and we’ve been so busy we haven’t even noticed. Thankfully, we at the photo desk took plenty of care to continue taking photos for you to enjoy. So here it is: the Oregon Daily Emerald’s Photos of the Week!

And as always, share your favorite photos with us! Send us your best photos with a short description (i.e. who, what, where, and when) to [email protected] and you could see your image right here next to ours every Monday during our Photos of the Week section! Looking forward to the great work y’all produce!

Toby Keffer at the Alice in Wonderland themed Queer Prom put on by the LGBTQA May 21 in Gerlinger Hall. "My friend told me to wear her dress. It's a little tight," Keffer said. (Rachelle Hacmac/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Hundreds of pounds of clored wheat flour are thrown into the air by University students to celebrate Holi on May 19. The celebration, put on by UO Students of the Indian Subcontinent, drew an sizable and enthusiastic crowd to the Education Lawn behind the Knight Library. (Aaron Marineau/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Gonzaga's Marco Gonzales dives back for first base after an attemted pickoff during a nonconference game against Oregon on May 17. Oregon would go on to win the game 6-0. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Debbie Bailey dresses her cheeseburger on May 22 at Cornucopia's new location, The Maize Lounge, on 13th Avenue and Oak Street next door to The District in Eugene. (Jamie Lay/Oregon Daily Emerald)

The cast of the UO Theater Department's production of, "Salmon Is Everything" had their final runthrough before opening during dress rehersal on May 17. The play centers around the conflict between Native Americans and farmers along the Klamath River created by each side's use of water. (Alex McDougall/Oregon Daily Emerald).

An energetic crowd of University students danced, and enjoyed the festivities on May 19 at Holi, a springtime Hindu religious celebration where people throw colored water and powder at each other. (Aaron Marineau/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Shantelle (last name withheld) and Ashleah Bullock at the Alice in Wonderland themed Queer Prom put on by the LGBTQA Saturday night in Gerlinger Hall. Shantelle and Bullock dressed as Alice and the white rabbit. (Rachelle Hacmac/Oregon Daily Emerald)

A duck waddles in from a quick swim at Alton Baker Park on Tuesday, May 17th. (Aaron Marineau/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Adriana Hernandez helps her son, Noel, 4, onto his bike on May 19, while his twin brother Noe watches from the front porch. "It's hard to balance," said Hernandez, a business administration major and mother of three, of her dual role as a mother and student. (Aaron Marineau/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Amanda Ellis gets sprayed by water at the Holi celebration on the education lawn behind the Knight Library Thursday, May 19, 2011. The Holi celebration was put on for the first time at the University by the UO Students of the Indian Subcontinent. (Rachelle Hacmac/Oregon Daily Emerald)

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