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How do Emerald reporters and editors do what they do?

That’s one of many questions How It’s Reported seeks to answer by talking to Emerald staffers about their reporting processes and the stories they tell. "How It’s Reported" has allowed a behind the scenes look into various Emerald stories for over year. Now, a new Emerald initiative is aiming to build on that idea and cultivate more trust between the Emerald and the community it serves.

Podcast editor Sararosa Davies sat down with C. Francis O’Leary, an Emerald news reporter and coordinator of equity and inclusion, to talk about the origins of the project and some if its goals surrounding transparency, inclusion and trust.

"How It's Reported" is a series from the Emerald Podcast Network designed to illuminate how journalists report on the latest news, build trust between news outlets and audiences and promote informed and engaged listeners, which are vital to a healthy democracy. Episodes come out weekly.

Podcast editor Sararosa Davies produced and edited this podcast. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan Dupell.

Sararosa Davies is the senior podcast editor at the Emerald and has been on staff since her freshman year.She focuses on the intersection of arts, culture and health, but started out in music reporting. Sararosa loves hummus, music and weird theatre.