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On this episode of "How It's Reported," Podcast Desk Editor Ryan Nguyen talks with Jake Willard and Julian Ossias, the hosts of "Knot Another Sneaker Podcast." The three talk about the direct message that started the podcast, how the two became sneakerheads and what's next for the podcast.

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"How It's Reported" is a series from the Emerald Podcast Network designed to illuminate how journalists report on the latest news, build trust between news outlets and audiences and promote informed and engaged listeners, which are vital to a healthy democracy. Episodes come out on Wednesdays.

Podcast Desk Editor Ryan Nguyen produced and edited this podcast. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan Dupell.

Podcast Editor

Ryan Nguyen is the podcast editor and an aspiring education reporter. He manages, produces and edits several Emerald Podcast Network programs a week. Previously, Nguyen covered student government as a news reporter.

Sneakerhead and runner. Engagement Editor. Size 8.5.