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"People are citing the Huffington Post as often as The New York Times as often as Breitbart News — that's the world we live in today."

The relationship between opinion writers and how their work relates to the newspapers they're employed by can be a complicated, nuanced and often misunderstood topic. Podcast Editor Ryan Nguyen interviews opinion writer Leslie Selcer on how she goes about writing her opinion articles, why she says opinion writing is a form of journalism and the meaning by her Twitter username, "didactic_hag." She also discusses theories of white intellectualism and black feminism, why she always interrogates objective reporting to choose high quality sources and how, sometimes, subjective feelings can be objective fact.

"How It's Reported" is a series from the Emerald Podcast Network designed to illuminate how journalists report on the latest news, build trust between news outlets and audiences and promote informed and engaged listeners, which are vital to a healthy democracy. Episodes come out Wednesdays.

Podcast Editor Ryan Nguyen produced and edited this podcast. Music is "A Fist Full of Organs" by Evan DuPell.

Podcast Editor

Ryan Nguyen is the podcast editor and an aspiring education reporter. He manages, produces and edits several Emerald Podcast Network programs a week. Previously, Nguyen covered student government as a news reporter.

PhD student/fist-shaker. My research fields include contemporary US politics and culture, feminist studies, and theory & praxis—with an emphasis on the role of power in discourse. I also teach writing at the University of Oregon.

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