Job Opening: President, Publisher & CEO
Emerald Media Group, Inc. (EMG)
Eugene, Oregon

The Emerald Media Group is seeking a President, Publisher & CEO to lead a multi-faceted, modern media group. EMG produces independent journalism and branded content for the University of Oregon community. With a mission to run a financially sustainable nonprofit business, the Executive Director will have the opportunity to work with the UO and Eugene communities, as well as students and the Board of Directors to sustain and grow the media organization.

A. General duties
The President, Publisher & CEO manages the company’s business operations, including the advertising, finance, contracts, legal, personnel and marketing departments. He or she works with the Editor in Chief to set a strategic direction for the company and reports to the EMG Board of Directors.

B. President and Editor in Chief Relationship
The President sets clear business objectives for the company and works with the Editor in Chief to ensure the newsroom’s annual strategies are compatible with the company’s long-term plans. The President and Editor in Chief work together to develop the newsroom’s annual budget, the print publication schedule and the themes and topics of news coverage across all print and digital platforms. The President is expected to provide support for the Editor in Chief and newsroom through professional mentoring and, when appropriate, editorial suggestions. However, the Editor in Chief retains final authority on all news content.

C. President and Board of Directors Relationship
The President works with the Board of Directors to set the company’s strategic direction.
The President is an exempt employee and is hired by and reports to the Board, which sets the President’s term of service. The President does not hold any other office in the organization and is not be a member of the Board.

D. Specific duties
1. Create a vision and business model for the corporation to serve the University community with independent, student-produced news and information; provides training and practical experience for student employees in media-related fields; and delivers an annual surplus and prudent long-term investments. He or she operates the company with the goal making the Emerald Media Group the best college media company in America.
2. Develops a reasonable annual budget for Board review; manages revenue and expenses to ensure the company finishes each year with an operating surplus; recommends prudent investments and equipment purchases for Board review; and approves the purchase, maintenance and proper use of all company equipment.
3. Works with the Editor and Board to develop an annual strategic plan and reports on progress each quarter
4. Works collaboratively with the Editor and professional staff to ensure the Emerald delivers news and information that meets professional industry standards and provides the best possible service to the University community, as well as training for student employees in a variety of media fields.
5. Hires, trains, leads and evaluates professional department managers and is responsible for ensuring managers properly hire, train and evaluate student employees.
6. Serves as the public face of the company and cultivates positive relations with University, community and media industry leaders.
7. Maintains regular communications with Emerald and University alumni to keep them engaged as volunteers, advocates and donors.
8. Develops and manages a fundraising strategy.
9. Attends board meetings and delivers regular reports to the Board on the company’s operations. Collaborates with the Board on major company objectives. Performs and supervises other tasks as directed by the Board.

E. Qualifications
1. Educational/Experience requirement: Bachelors degree or commensurate experience.
2. Experience: A record of leadership is expected. Prior management experience with a professional or college media organization is preferred. Experience mentoring students in a university or nonprofit environment is desirable.
3. Strong writing and speaking skills.
4. Finance: Must be able to work with the professional staff to develop a reasonable operating and capital budget. Must be able to develop an investment strategy for the company’s reserves and work with outside accountants to accurately report financial information for tax reporting purposes.
5. Strategic planning: Must demonstrate experience in developing and delivering on long-term strategic plans. Must show familiarity with trends and challenges facing media companies and be able to recognize new opportunities or challenges. A track record of innovation, including new product development, is expected.
6. Media experience: Must have direct experience in, or demonstrate knowledge of, all aspects of media production including news writing, photography, video, design, website development, advertising, marketing and administration. Experience in digital journalism is desired.
7. Legal: Must be familiar with labor laws, libel laws, tax laws and rules and regulations applicable to a non-profit business.
8. Workplace: Must have experience hiring, training and developing a skilled and diverse workforce. A demonstrated ability leading a collaborative decision-making process is required.

To demonstrate your interest, please submit your résumé and cover letter to [email protected] by Monday, February 19, 2018. References will be requested when final candidates are identified. Anticipated start date is July 1, 2018.


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