Jim Gregory

Jim Gregory, EiC 1975-76

Jim Gregory

1974-75 News Editor; 1975-76 Editor (in chief)

What year did you get your degree?


Current job

Retired. After graduation worked in editorial and management positions at the Springfield News, Corvallis Gazette-Times, Herald of Everett, Washington and Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, California

Tell us about your family

Married to Angela Carmen, also a retired newspaper person. She was USA Today founder and general manager for the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, Alaska, northern California and Hawaii.

Tell us your favorite Daily Emerald or Ethos memory

For me, the entire two years at the ODE.

How did editorial independence impact your experience at the Emerald or Ethos?

Prior to beginning college, I was a journalist and knew independent journalism was the only journalistic standard that I would support. When a new ODE editor was hired at the end of my junior year, a journalism teacher and friend encouraged me to meet the new editor, Drex Heikes. I believe I interviewed Drex as much as he interviewed me. The Emerald’s editorial independence was gained only four years earlier and I needed to know Drex would be a strong independent editor. I found in Drex a passionate belief in news independence and I was thrilled when he offered me the position of news editor. I made every effort to follow his determination on independence while forging my own path when I became editor the following year.

Any comments, words of wisdom or advice to future grads:

Independent college journalism is so unique, you may find your co-workers will become life-long friends. I have more close friends from the ODE than from any of the four newspapers at which I worked.