Senior Staff

Editor in Chief
Sandelle (Ella) T. Morgan – [email protected]

Managing Editor
Zoe Craig – [email protected]

Copy Chief
Sydney Padget – [email protected]

Photo Editor
Marin Stuart – [email protected]

Creative Director
Brooke Harman – [email protected]

Podcast Producer
Kiva Hanson – [email protected]

Section Editors
World: Taylor Kissinger – [email protected]

Arts: Taylor Griggs – [email protected]

Focus: Sarah Hovet – [email protected]


Sarah Tamura – [email protected]

Austin Willhoft – [email protected]

Kyle Heiner – [email protected]

Brittany Norton – [email protected]

Lucy Kleiner – [email protected]

Mara Welty – [email protected]

Laura Groshans – [email protected]

Jessica Douglas – [email protected]


Zaria Parvez – [email protected]

Abigail Winn – [email protected]

Cheyenne Thorpe – [email protected]

Ty Boespflug – [email protected]

Meghan Jacinto – [email protected]

Sarah Northrop – [email protected]



Lauren Young – [email protected]

Emily Harris – [email protected]

Jami Rolston – [email protected]

Maile Sur – [email protected]

Anna Rath – [email protected]

Multimedia Staff

Kiana Pontrelli – [email protected]

Tim Vandehey – [email protected]

Jeff Dean – [email protected]

Matthew Denis – [email protected]

Tash Kimmel – [email protected]


Kezia Setyawan – [email protected]

Sascha Chester – [email protected]

Nat George – [email protected]

Branding and Media


Gianna Nardi – [email protected]


Web Team

Web Master

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Web Editor

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