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Senior Staff

Editor in Chief
Anna Mattson –

Managing Editor
Sam Nguyen –

Multimedia Editor
Morgan Gwynn -

Photo Editor
Collin Bell –

Social Media Director
Jaila Cha-Sim -

Fact-Checking Editor
Lauren Brown -

Art Director
Emma Nolan

Associate Editors
Abby Sourwine -
Ella Hutcherson -


Chloe Bryant -

Nika Bartoo-Smith -

Noah Camuso -

Emma Slay -

Cole Sinanian

Shannon Golden


Ilka Sankari -

Isabel Lemus Kristensen -

Amalia Birch

Henry Cohen

Johanna Roseberg

Natalie Myking


Nick Guzman -

Kira Chan -

Multimedia Staff

Multimedia Producers
Kate Jaques Prentice -

Fact Checkers

Kate Jaques Prentice -

Bentley Freeman -

Maris Toalson -

Anette Rodriguez-Rojas -

Lily Sinkovitz -

Jasmine Lewin

Branding and Media

Media Production Assistant

Whitney Conaghan -

Web Editor

Caleb Barber -

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