Written by Suji Paek

Photo by Blake Hamilton

There’s nothing worse or more awkward than a drawn out goodbye. Comparable to the cringe-worthy spectacle of rambling Oscar-night thank-yous and award acceptances, a bloated departure is by many standards, a farewell waste of time. But in my last term atop the masthead, I can’t help but feel inclined to wax poetic about the unbelievable amount of progress Ethos has made in 2010.

In 2011, Ethos Magazine received several national awards including its first ever Gold Crown Award for overall magazine excellence from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. One of only six national collegiate publications awarded a Gold Crown, among first-place winners, Ethos was the only fully independent student publication—a tremendous feat considering its haphazard inception from rogue business project turned top-tier magazine.

We continue this tradition of innovative journalism in our summer issue, by inviting you on a journey that veers slightly off from the expected. From scouting for Sasquatch to a cross-section glimpse of Eugene’s counterculture through the years, Ethos presents a cornucopia of culturally enlightening stories to help kick off your summer.

You’d think after cranking out almost a dozen issues in three years, the completion of a new issue comes as no big news. But as my tenth issue on staff comes to a wrap, I can’t help but still be amazed at the talent, commitment, and raw enthusiasm each and every member of our ninety-plus staff puts forth. It’s been a privilege to have been involved in and oversee such an amazing publication that continues to push the limits.

In the words of Dewitt Jones, a world-famous National Geographic photographer with whom we had the opportunity to interview, we encourage you to explore culture and “celebrate what’s right with the world.”