I’ve been practicing my signature for months. It’s a silly thing to fret over with the entire production of a magazine underway, but I wanted to make sure that this part, the part I most literally had a hand in, looked somewhat decent. I knew the rest of Ethos would be just fine. How could it not with the backing of a talented staff of more than 60 working tirelessly over three long months? For all their weeks of writing, designing, editing, photographing, and promoting the magazine, I could at least make sure my name wasn’t crooked.

All the time that went into this issue created a beautiful blend of both the old and the new. Old are the traditions explored in “Following the Golden String,” page 28; new are the languages up for discussion in “Fantasy Phonetics,” page 42. Old are the questions asked about one’s identity (“Forever Abroad,” page 34); new are the paths that lead to answers (“Just Another Sister?,” page 46). Old is the goal of Ethos to share the stories that make a culture; new are the names accomplishing that mission each and every term.

Also new is the name scrawled below. This is my first Ethos as editor in chief and I welcome your suggestions on how to improve upcoming issues. Since we have no letters to the editor section in the print magazine, feel free to post a comment on our website in response to this letter (you’ll find it in the “Editor’s Note” section). I’ll be checking the comments and responding back. All I ask is that you don’t heckle my handwriting too much.