I have always found that letters from magazine editors are the foundational blocks to a magazine, which then support the heart  – the stories, the content and the work that goes into that cultivation. This process takes time, nearly 10-weeks to be exact.


The pace at which we intake, half digest and regurgitate news and information is blistering. This hastened pace can take away from the connections that we have to the people in our stories, in addition to taking us away from being connected to the rest of the world. So, when is it ok to slow down and reconnect?


The news is constantly changing, with no intention of pulling the brake anytime soon. While editors notes attempt to foster connections that are sometimes lost, the things that are regarded as important and newsworthy to us now, so quickly lose their relevance; the Brett Kavanaugh hearings were not but seven months ago, but doesn’t it feel like it’s been longer than that? The headlines these days speak to the ever bursting scandals involving politicians, heads of corporations and even elite secondary institutions. How do we determine whether to let our president’s tax returns or the Mueller report or lack of clean drinking water in Michigan get our attention?


Amidst, this fast-paced environment, the team at Ethos continues to write, connect, inspire and inform our audience. In this issue, we foster our connections with the faces of Taiwan and Hong Kong all the way to the shores of Depoe Bay and then drive it right home with Eugene’s “Dead Heads.” We hope you’ll see, absorb and connect with the stories we’ve brought you from here, there and everywhere.