Editor’s Note – Volume 9, Issue 3

I have sometimes wondered where humans derive their courage. There are times I have sat in silent contemplation observing people undertaking ordinary life and wondered whether we are born with courage inside of us or if we are just graced with moments of overwhelming electricities of emotion, forcing us to create courage as we go.

Courage (n.): the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear; to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.

In my short time thus far on this spinning orb of light and darkness, I have seen courage at work in unlikely places. I have witnessed it in watching someone stand up for a friend; I have glimpsed it in the moment someone tries something new and succeeds; I have felt it in the energy of the instant someone allows themselves to love; But the place courage has most revealed itself to me, is in humans just unapologetically being – embodying the hidden parts of themselves that brighten the colors in their irises with an individualistic gleam that helps make up the unique patterns of life.

This simple courage of people is threaded throughout this issue of Ethos Magazine. It is in confronting national issues in our stories “‘Homosexual Tendencies’: A Coming Out Saga,” and the second installment of our Free Speech Series, “Blacklisted.” It is in the creation of second chances in “A Day at Occupy Medical” and “Finding Sexual Healing.” And more subtly, as in our stories “Children Who Checkmate” and “Behind the Flame,” it is in doing what you feel most compelled to at your core regardless of what others may say. These are all tiers of courageous acts, each one cultivating the human spirit without apology.

It seems only fitting this spring issue of Ethos Magazine would be bursting with these little moments of individual chroma, revealing people as their fullest selves after bravely blossoming.

We hope you grow with us.