Letter from the Editor

The notion of identity is constituted by many facets and features. These facets and features are often antithetically binding, but somehow they fold together and compromise. When a shift in identity happens, it makes the concept of identity that much more complex and harder to understand. For example, let’s think about the new members recently sworn into Congress – more women and ethnic minorities than at any time in U.S. history. Or what about the (at the time of this writing) ongoing partial government closure? Two different and some might say, opposing occurrences within one identity of our government.

As this country undergoes yet another identity transformation, so do the rest of us. How do we learn to understand the process of change of identity? Take the new year for example, when many of us decide to exercise more or maybe give up alcohol – but these changes almost never happen overnight. It’s a balancing act and it can feel like you’re living within an existence of contradictions.

Justine Abigail, founder and editor of the Canadian Journal, Living Hyphen said: “I've learned that I’m not alone in navigating this ambiguous in-between place. That flash of recognition and connection whenever I described my entanglement of contradictions was like a surge of electricity that fueled me each time.” In this winter issue of Ethos magazine, we are telling the stories of identity from Yemen, to Timor to the Greek life here on campus. This issue is embracing a focus on the changing course of identity and in doing so, implore the reader to understand their own path as well as those around them.  

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