Ethos Spring 2014


Dog-s Best Friend: Leah, Jack, and Hank help hunter Steve Arms give real meaning to man’s best friend.

Breaking Normal: Women who are unafraid to challenge the binary gender system pave the path to gender equality.

A Violent Education: Teachers are still allowed to hit public school students in 19 states.

Spiritual Growth: A farming technique embraces spirituality and cosmic forces to benefit crops.



Editor’s Note

Passport: Merci Mary – People of the world gather in Lyon to take in the dazzling illuminations of the Festival of Lights.

Dialogue: Diamonds are Forever – A member of baseball’s new generation discusses the modernization of one of America’s oldest sports.

Forum: The Urban Zoo – Is it safe and ethical to own exotic animals in nonnative environments?

Journeys Abroad: All of The Lights – Tiffany Han pushes her way through one of China’s brightest metro areas.

Spices & Spirits: Best Served Cold – A growing community believes that food is best served raw.

Colors & Shapes: Wake Up Flawless – Modeling is stripped down to reveal a community of respect and openness.

People in Motion: Cool Under Fire – Fire-dancing is a beautiful sport that requires focus and non-synthetic clothes.

Soundwaves: Folk of Florence – The Florence Winter Folk Festival brings music into the community and back into their schools.

Moving PicturesThe Animator’s World – An animation studio puts creativity center-stage when creating content.

The Last: Smile and Drive Safely – 12-year-old Jamie is faced with the biggest challenge of her life: grief.