Ethos Fall 2010


A recent oil discovery is shaping how the world views Africa—but for whose benefit?

Photo illustration Whitney Highfield & Courtney Hendricks


Black Gold on the Gold Coast

After a 2007 oil discovery in West Africa, the U.S. and China stake their claim on Ghana’s potential wealth.

Following the Paycheck

Between unconventional hours and high-risk environments, three students with unusual summer jobs earn a quick and hefty buck.

Embracing the Elements: Earth

People extract elements from the Earth for a variety of modern purposes. But what about the global consequences?

Busting Out: The Right to Bear It All

Ethos explores the hyper-sexualization of breasts, the consequences it entails, and what’s being done to stop it.


Editor’s Note – Fall 2010

Opening thoughts from our latest EIC.

Dialogue – Running with the Bulls

Famed rodeo clown Donnie Landis sheds light on growing up in the rodeo industry.

Passport – Carrying A Heavy Load

Ethos looks into Burundi’s history of genocide and struggle for development.

Forum – Erasing History

One nation under…Texas? New textbook standards give a lesson in subjective history.

Journeys Abroad – Finding Kuna Yala

A student explores the struggle of the Kuna people to preserve their culture while embracing modernity.

Colors & Shapes – Shoot it, Skin it, Stuff it?

Dead animal decor—is it beauty or brutality? Local taxidermists give us their insights.

Spices & Spirits – From Trash to Table

Organizations across the state are dishing out a reason to like them (old) apples.

Soundwaves – The Venue Speaks Volumes

Dylan did it. So did Fugazi. See why some local musicians still opt for modest musical venues.

Moving Pictures – Ready, Set, HUMP!

A locally produced amateur porn festival gives new meaning to “do it yourself.”

The Last – The Cleaner Sister

While one sister learned to cope with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the other found a path to acceptance.

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