This quiz will help you discover how you prefer to communicate affection towards others, and what things other people do that make you feel most cared about. Whether it’s with your best friend, grandmother, dog, or even yourself, thinking about what expressions of love people appreciate the most will help you develop stronger relationships with anyone and everyone in your life.


  1. Your ideal weekend activity is:

    1. Going out with friends or family

    2. Making dinner for a couple friends or your roommates

    3. Writing or doing something with music

    4. Cuddling with your dog

    5. Shopping for new clothes

  2. The best gift someone could get you would be:

    1. Treat you to dinner

    2. Cleaning the entire house

    3. A long letter about how much they appreciate you

    4. A coupon for free hugs or a massage gift card

    5. Something you’ve been needing like socks, headphones, ect.

  3. When you’re at the mall, you:

    1. Shop for a “going out” outfit

    2. Look only for clothes you need

    3. Search for the trendiest clothes

    4. Touch everything and look for something soft

    5. Nab a shirt for your friend that they had been eyeballing

  4. An activity that makes you feel rejuvenated is:

    1. Spending some time reflecting on life

    2. Checking things off your to-do list

    3. Writing yourself inspiring notes or posting on social media

    4. Napping or getting cozied up in your blankets

    5. Buying yourself things that you need for the house or indulging in a little chocolate

  5. Activities you usually do with your friends are:

    1. Going for walks or having coffee together

    2. Baking or helping each other with homework

    3. Talking about how much you value each other as a friend

    4. Gym time or yoga

    5. Making things for each other or gifting them with a surprise activity


Mostly A’s



You appreciate your quality time, whether that means time alone with yourself or with your friends and family. If the people you’re spending time with are on their phone, distracted, or doing other things, it makes you feel undervalued. You like to spend one-on-one time with people because it makes you feel like you can get to know them on a deeper level.


Mostly B’s



You like to express your appreciation for others by doing things to help them out. Actions speak louder than words. You want to make their life easier by doing things for them, and when they do things for you, it makes you feel like they care about your well-being. You are often considered the “mom” or “dad” friend, and the people in your life appreciate your kind mannerisms.


Mostly C’s



You are very verbal with your affection for others, and you love it when people give you words of affirmation. You like to compliment people a lot because you see that as a way of making others feel good. You tend to say nice things more to people who you want to like you. Lack of verbalized affection might make you feel inadequate or undervalued, so be sure to communicate well with the people in your life about what you need emotionally.


Mostly D’s



You tend to feel most happy wrapped up in blanket with a good book or just on the couch watching TV. You are known for loving hugs and cuddling. You like to be reminded of your intimacy with your friends or family with physical gestures. If someone doesn’t like hugs or if your doggo wriggles out of grasp, it makes you sad.


Mostly E’s



Giving thoughtful gifts is how you like to express your appreciation for someone. When they mention something they want, you always make a mental note of it. It gives you gratification to surprise someone with something that you know will make them happy. When people make things or surprise you with things, it touches you in knowing that they were thinking of you.

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