Treating yourself is all the hype this 2019. This means self-care, self-love, and everything that follows. The objective this day is simple: to treat yourself to anything and everything you desire; purchasing items with no regret. I propose that this Valentine’s Day weekend should include a treat yo self day, so I’ve compiled a list of items and places in the Eugene area to ensure that you treat. yo. self. Achieving the perfect treat yo self day is an art form one can only dream of achieving. However, with this guide, you’ll be sure to treat yourself to the highest caliber.

Schedule a day at the spa: Are you living your life on a budget, conforming to the “broke college student” stereotype? Not on treat yo self day you’re not. Book yourself a day at the Pearl Day Spa, a mere ten minute drive from campus. Located in an old victorian home, the spa is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has massages starting at $80 and facials starting at $90. Taking a break from the chaos and stress of school, even if it is just for an hour, can clear your mind and help you keep calm for the upcoming school week.

Sit Back and Relax at the Hot Springs: If you want a day at the spa but physically cannot afford one, let me first say: I understand. That being said, a facial and relaxing bath are not completely off the topic of discussion. Drive up to Terwilliger Hot Springs to enjoy a hot soak in the cold of winter. The steam from the hot spring will give you the facial you need, but if you want to truly treat yo self, buy a $2 facemask from Hirons on Franklin Blvd., before hitting the freeway, to enhance your hot spring experience.

Actually buy what you’ve been keeping in your shopping cart: I know I can’t be the only one who online shops, puts numerous items into my shopping cart, but can never seem to hit the “checkout” button in the end. This valentine’s day, treat yourself to hitting that “checkout” button and buying the wardrobe of your dreams. Whether you purchase everything in your shopping cart or just one fun thing, it’s up to you and how you want your day of treating yourself to unfold.

Take yourself out on a date: Don’t wait around to be asked out, take matters into your own hands and take a trip to Crater Lake. Grab your friends and prepare for a road trip to this scenic and must-see destination. With the surrounding areas of the lake covered with snow this time of year, this is sure to have a plethora of Instagram-worthy photo-ops, making Crater Lake the perfect winter destination to treat yo self. If the outdoors is too cold for you to bare, have a night-in and Indulge with no regret with your favorite snack.Whether that be ordering Sweet Basil to your dorm room or ordering a pizza for yourself to feast on, there is no shortage of snacks on treat yo self day.

Stay indoors and explore the luxuries of DIY: Sometimes treating yourself consists of staying inside all day and avoiding all responsibilities. Whether you have had a rough week or a pleasant one, we all need time to ourselves. Run a bubble bath and put on a facemask because even though your week might have been disappointing, that doesn’t mean your skin has to be. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of DIY face masks on Pinterest and on the internet that you can find that cater to your specific skin type and that are perfect for your lazy day of treating yourself.

Extend the Treat Yo Self Experience To Your Friends: Assuring that you treat yourself is the main goal and purpose of treat yo self. However, encouraging your friends to indulge in themselves and experience treat yo self day for themselves is also acceptable. Send them a batch of Insomnia cookies to get them involved in the holiday of treating yourself. For just $10 you can send them six warm cookies, or what Insomnia Cookies calls “The Sixpack”, and a lifetime interest in treating themselves.