1. Cancelled Culture: This could easily be one of the biggest mistakes of the year. We’ve heard the story over and over: old, insensitive Tweets resurface, and almost immediately the person/brand that tweeted it is “cancelled.” Don’t get me wrong, we should be calling out injustices when we see them. But completely disregarding someone for something they did, without giving them a chance to apologize or trying to teach them the error of their ways is so unproductive. If we want things to change we need to let people mess up sometimes without fear of immediate cancellation, because that’s how we learn.

  2. Competing About How “Busy” We Are: It’s college. We are all busy. Let’s spend less time making it into a competition of suffering and more time actually grinding.

  3. Not Believing Survivors - Despite how some people may feel, #MeToo is far from over. Cosby is in prison and Weinstein is facing repercussions, but we’ve got a long ways to go in taking down rape culture. A huge part of that is refusing to believe survivors when they disclose what happened to them. We know that false accusations make up a miniscule amount of reported sexual assaults, so it’s time to stop discrediting personal experience. In 2019, we’re believing - and more importantly, supporting - survivors.

  4. All Work, No Play: How many times over the holidays did a family member feel the need to remind you that college isn’t all about partying? They aren’t wrong, but the guilt-tripping tone is totally unnecessary. What’s wrong with a little fun every once in a while? This year, it’s all about balance - we work hard and play hard.

  5. Bragging About Blacking Out: College is probably the only time in your life that you’ll hear someone say “OMG I’m totally going to black tonight” and not immediately call their mother. Why is that? This is a very dangerous mentality to go out with, and it’s important to set healthy boundaries, even with partying. We’ve all gone overboard once or twice before, but in 2019, let’s take better care of ourselves than that.

  6. Trivializing Mental Illness: Saying things like “I’m so depressed” or “I’m triggered” as a joke is not cute. Mental illness is a real problem that many people have to deal with every day, it is not an aesthetic or a joke.

  7. Rebooting EVERYTHING: I have yet to see a reboot that has given me the nostalgia and originality I was craving. Dear everyone asking for the Office to come back: please just let it be.

  8. Tik Tok: Just Musical.ly for lazy people, this lip-syncing app has got to go, plain and simple.

  9. Bell Sleeves: I honestly think these can look really cool, but they are just so impractical. How can you take notes with all that sleeve in your way? And I can’t even imagine trying to put a jacket on without your sleeves getting bunched up and wrinkled. It was a fun 70s moment but this throwback trend needs to stay in the past.

  10. Ordering a Venti Water at Starbucks: Just because you opt for a straw-less lid does not make you an environmentalist. If you can, please invest in a reusable water bottle.

  11. Detox Products: Thank goodness for Jameela Jamil finally calling out other celebrities (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B) for promoting dangerous “detox” products. From tea that’s basically a laxative to appetite-suppressant lollipops, these products are downright unhealthy, and we’re not buying it.

  12. Belt Bags: The accessory that tried to be the classy older sister of the fanny pack is just a wallet you wear around your waist. If you’re going to go out, then go all out. Commit to the fanny pack.

  13. And, Finally, 2018 Itself: It’s been a crazy year, and many of us are happy it’s over. It may have taught us love, patience, even pain, but it’s time to move on. We have three words for 2018: thank you, next.

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