Spring term bucket list

With just over a month left until graduation, the school year is coming to an end. But don’t worry! There’s still time to have some fun and get things done before you say goodbye for the summer. Here is Emerald Essentials’ official Spring Bucket List to keep you on track before the year is over:

  • Get a celebratory beer: Whether you’re graduating this spring or not, you’ve worked hard, and deserve to celebrate.

  • Refine your LinkedIn profile: It may not be fun, but it has to be done. Make sure to add all your University connections before you leave.

  • Try that restaurant you’ve been eyeing: Eugene has some great food; take advantage before you go!

  • Get out of your comfort zone: Try attending a talk or event on campus that you wouldn’t normally go to, whether it’s outside your major or hosted by a student group you’ve never interacted with. It’s a great way to be exposed to something new without committing to a whole class!

  • Float the Mackenzie River: Grab an inner tube, some sunscreen, a towel - and go! There’s nothing like a float down the river on a hot spring day.

  • Clean your home: Even if you aren’t moving, there’s no better time than spring to do some cleaning.

  • Go to office hours: It’s never too late to properly introduce yourself to a professor!

  • String up your hammock: We’ve all walked past someone napping between two trees on campus and gotten a little jealous. Grab a book, string up your hammock, and relaaaax.

  • Explore on campus: Never seen the Outdoor Program Barn, or checked out the Knight Law Library? This might me your last chance to see some campus spots you’ve never seen before!

  • Explore off-campus: There’s a whole state around us full of even more places to explore. AllTrails.com has a list of beautiful parks and trails in Oregon that are well worth seeing.

  • Give back: Volunteer on campus or in the Eugene community! Connect with the Holden Center at the EMU for opportunities.

  • Shop the Eugene Saturday Market: Soak in the tie-dye and handmade soaps just one last time.

  • Personalize your grad cap: Even if it’s not your thing, it’ll at least help your parents pick you out from the crowd.

  • Find a new study spot: After a few terms, just about everyone has a favorite study spot. Why not switch it up? Finals week is grueling, but a new study spot can add just the tiniest bit of excitement to get you through it.

  • Revisit your resolutions: June marks the halfway point to 2020 - are you close to reaching your goals? It’s not too late to start!

  • Spend a day in Portland: Some out-of-state students may have never been to Portland; it’s only two hours away, so now’s your chance to explore!

  • Host a potluck: Potlucks are one of the least stressful shindigs to host, and they make it easy to split the cost. If you’re saying goodbye for the summer, show your friends some love by cooking for each other!