Quick Tips for a Better Home Brew

There’s something about a visit to a quaint coffee shop with $8 lattes that’s just so alluring. The warm, deep smell of fresh brew, the smooth wood chairs, the quiet tapping of laptops and turning of book pages. Not to mention you could never mimic that kind of aesthetic from the comfort of your home. Thankfully, there are simple ways to bring that extra zing to your home brew, minus the high price tag.Whether you french press, drip, pour, or even use a Keurig, here’s 5 simple ways you can make can make your morning brew even better.


1. Keep it clean

As with anything you use in the kitchen, it never hurts to keep it clean. Often coffee pots and Keurigs get overlooked when it comes to weekly washing, and what about the french press or the kettle you heat water with? Rinsing your equipment after each use can keep oils from building up and ensure your coffee doesn’t have that stale taste.


2. Keep it fresh

While it’s best to grind beans before each use, not everyone has the time (or the grinder) to do that. The next best option is to store your coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. This keeps your grind fresh, and in turn makes fresher coffee.


3. Keep it hot

If your water’s the wrong temperature, it’ll make your coffee bitter. That’s why coffee experts recommend bringing your water to a boil and then letting it sit for 45 seconds before you pour over. This will bring out the best flavors in your coffee, and keep the bitter taste to a minimum.


4. Keep it rich

If you’re making coffee, don’t skimp on it. The recommended amount of grind per 6-ounce cup is two tablespoons. A large spoon leveled off is a good approximation. Using less grind will only make for weaker coffee and a sour taste.


5. Keep it good

The most apparent trick for brewing better coffee is really to invest in the good stuff. While not always the frugal choice, 100% pure Arabica beans will ensure that your at home coffee meets the coffee shop standard. Shade grown, fair trade beans are also better for the environment and for the farmers, so your coffee will have a better taste and decrease your carbon footprint at the same time.