The fall colors displayed on trees around every corner fill you with warmth. However, can we really say fall is truly here until we see the pumpkin spice latte back in stores? Check out these delectable alternatives to the classic fall drink.

Palace Pumpkin Cookie

This dessert is not for the faint of heart with how sweet it is. When you bite into it, you can feel the soft and smooth texture while the icing instantly dissolves on your tongue. The heavy nutmeg taste is complemented with the sweet layer of frosting on top. The Palace Pumpkin Cookie could be compared to the excitement of seeing your loved ones on Thanksgiving. It can be found at the Palace Bakery on Pearl Street in Eugene.


Pumpkin Walnut Muffin

As a close second, the muffin—also from Palace Bakery—is a better choice for those who can’t handle sweet foods as well. It is the epitome of a pumpkin pie only in muffin form. Inside it, are walnuts that add a pleasing texture, along with chocolate chips dispersed throughout. This pleasing pastry feels fluffy once in your mouth, then it compresses instantly and works on dissolving slowly, so you get the full flavor by the time it’s gone.


Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Ice cream is a classic go-to for late night cravings. Since this treat from Prince Pucklers qualifies, it automatically assumes the title of amazing. The ice cream was very vanilla flavored, with a very present taste of nutmeg. You can taste the rich flavor of pumpkin in it, but it’s not too strong. This chilly treat might make you picture autumn at a warm beach in California.


Pumpkin Harvest Protein Smoothie

Jamba Juice sells two kinds of pumpkin drinks, one is the Pumpkin Smash (which tastes a lot like the Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Prince Pucklers) and the Pumpkin Harvest Protein Smoothie. The Pumpkin Harvest is slightly less sweet than the Pumpkin Smash, but the pumpkin flavor of the Harvest Protein Smoothie is more prominent. With protein powder included, the Pumpkin Harvest Protein Smoothie had a little bit of a grittier texture. This smoothie could really fill you up — almost like a Thanksgiving dinner.


Pumpkin Scone

The Pumpkin Scone from Palace Bakery had a nice crumbly texture to it as scones are meant to.

At first glance, you might assume that the artfully drizzled glaze across the top might be a chocolate glaze, but you immediately realize that it is instead a delicious cinnamon drizzle. The drizzle adds a little extra spice to the scone. The scone itself brings to mind the feeling of visiting a pumpkin patch, and the taste of pumpkin makes you recount the smell of autumn in the air.

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