Taking care of something other than just yourself can seem a little tricky, especially during the chaotic life that is college. Although this can seem intimidating, bringing life into your own routine can be super beneficial for both your mental and emotional health.That being said, if you bring in plants or animals into your life, make sure to do it correctly! It can be a bit more time consuming than it seems, and it is a life you’re dealing with. If you are thinking about getting a small animal or plant and making it your best friend, look no further! Here are some tricks and tips to keep both of you happy.


  1. Beta Fish

Beta fish are beautiful. They are iridescent, colorful fish that have fins so graceful you can get caught up in their beauty and miss class. They make great companions, and even sometimes show real personality which is hard to find in a fish!

They’re amazing friends, but you do have to keep a few things in mind.

  • DO NOT pair them with other beta fish, honestly, it is in your best interest to keep them alone, or maybe a snail. Contrary to their name, Beta fish are actually Alphas. If they see another of their kind, it will be a fight to the death. You don't want to come home and put two together only to find the next morning you only have one.

  • If you get a lil beta but you want it to have company, get a moss ball or other underwater plants. This will give your tank life, and keep your beta happy.  

  • DO NOT get them a tank too small. If you get any tank smaller than one gallon, your beta can become depressed, and we don't want that! You want your beta to be able to explore and find new hiding spots from time to time. On that note, change up the scenery somewhat often to keep him or her entertained.

*fun fact* If you want a really great relationship with your beta fish, you can teach them tricks and reward them with food!*


2. Cats -

Cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10000 years. These beautiful creatures can be some of the most cuddly and curious creatures out there, though they do require a good amount of work and need some good loving.

  • Cats can adjust pretty easily, although it will take them a couple of months to really understand what is happening when you’ve moved. Be prepared for this process before you make any major changes.

  • Make sure to keep their litter box clean, so they know exactly where their box is and aren’t tempted to go anywhere else too often. Be ready to clean up a couple of accidents, because they may be confused!

  • Give them cuddles when you can! They’re loving animals, so they need to know you love them too despite the popular idea that cats are isolated and independant. Even the most regal kitty needs some love.


3. Rabbits:


Tiny little baby bunnies are some of the cutest animals on earth. They’re fluffy, small, gentle and oh so loveable. They can’t be that hard to take care of, right?Wrong!

They are so intriguing, and from a distance can seem like such a wonderful pet, though they require so much time, energy and even cash. Not saying that they aren’t rewarding whatsoever, they absolutely are. Before getting a bunny read the warnings below!


  • Cleaning their litter box 1-2 times a week is necessary if you want a good smelling home/room.

  • Taking them to the vet can cost upward of about 70 dollars per trip.

  • Neutering a bunny costs anywhere from $175-360 depending on where you go.

  • Buying food is a weekly thing, they love munchin’!

  • They like to chew! Make sure all chords and things you don't want chewed up are hidden and put away.