How to reinvent yourself

Spring is coming and with it comes the feeling of fresh, new beginnings and hope. With the snow melting and some sunshine peeking through on rainy Eugene days, the desire for a fresh start is common. Fresh starts can come in many forms: a new hobby, new friends, or being more concerned with the environment we live in. Whatever reinventing yourself means to you, you can make a fresh start in your life with these simple steps.

Pay attention to your guilty pleasures

Is there a certain something you just have to buy whenever you’re out shopping? This item could be a good clue of what kind of hobby you should pursue. If you buy clothes often, you might think about learning how to knit or sew. If you have a good collection of paintings, you might consider painting your own masterpiece.


Meet new people

If you want to make new friends, you have to put yourself in situations to meet new people. The next time you go to a party or event on campus, make a goal of talking to at least three people you’ve never met before. Odd are you will make at least one new friend. By having this goal, you will by default become more outgoing and approachable.


Declutter your environment

Declutter your dorm room, car, and whatever other space you have to declutter your mind as well. Schedule a day or weekend to do some serious tidying and deep cleaning. Clean the inside and outside of your car, do laundry, and clean out your backpack. By decluttering, you’ll make more space for something new and will live a less stressed life.


Set yourself up for success

In order to set yourself up for success, you need to break old habits and form new, positive ones. While saying you want to do something is a good start, you need to set attainable goals in order to make steps towards that big success. By making tiny goals you can take small steps on every day, you’ll be able to work towards the future in a realistic way. If you’re wanting to work out more, make a goal of working out at a certain time every night during the school week. Ask a friend to go to the gym with you so you have motivation to achieve your goals.


Get in touch with your body

Things like yoga and meditation are great ways to renew your body and destress. Sit in a quiet place with no distractions and close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply, focusing on your breathing and nothing else. Set a timer on your phone for 5 to 10 minutes or more so you are not looking at the time. Meditate a little every day to feel at peace with yourself and renewed in your body.


Try something new

There’s a reason why bucket lists are so popular. They are all about taking risks and trying something new. Maybe it’s something that scares you, or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought possible. Whether it’s learning archery, visiting a city you’ve never been to before, or going on an African safari, your bucket list items are attainable if you set goals for yourself. Take archery lessons, fly out to Boston, or save up for that trip to Africa. Anything is possible if you set goals and take risks.


Remeet old friends

As we go through important milestones in our lives, like college graduation, we often think about our past and the people who helped shape it. Maybe months or even years have gone by since you’ve talked to or seen these old friends. If you’re missing good friends from your past, they could be beneficial  in your future. Reach out and say hi with a text, Facebook message or DM on Instagram. Ask to meet up if you both live in the area and see if there can be a renewed friendship there.


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