Christmas season is over, and you got some amazing gifts – except for that one thing you definitely don’t plan on ever taking out of the corner of your closet, ever. Instead of letting your unwanted gifts collect dust, use these tips to (tastefully) regift any unwanted Christmas presents.


Match the Gift to Interests

If you are wanting to regift a present to someone you know, make sure that the gift is something that they are interested in to avoid the cliche of the receiver knowing it is a regifted-gift. It’s no fun for anyone involved when the receiver can tell the grapefruit candle you put a bow on has been on your shelf for a few months already, so make sure to think this over. If it is something they would genuinely like and be interested in, great! The cycle of regifting will (hopefully) end with them.

Swap Gifts

There are several online exchanges that allow you to exchange your unwanted gift for something else. SwapStyle is a great place to swap if fashion is your thing. You can swap clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and even gadgets. Rehash Clothes is a great site for trading clothes with other users. Members can trade their unwanted clothes and accessories with others. Or if you’re going for a more relaxed evening, host a clothing swap and invite your friends to participate.

Sell Them

If you feel comfortable enough selling your unwanted item, eBay is a great place to do it. There are a ton of independant online resources such as Etsy, Depop or even the Facebook Marketplace. You can sell them now, or wait until next Christmas season to sell them — eBay predicts that the best day to sell unwanted gifts online is December 29 so others can snag them as new Christmas presents.

Last Resort: Ask for gift receipt

If you want to exchange your gift at the store, you will have to ask the gift giver for the gift receipt, while trying not to hurt their feelings. If you got shoes in the wrong size for example, you could explain that they are in the wrong size and ask for the receipt, so you can exchange them. This lets the gift giver know that you liked their gift and sizing was the only issue. Letting the gift giver know you want to exchange the gift they got you can be awkward, so make sure exchanging is worth it.

If you received clothes for Christmas that you just didn’t like for one reason or another, donating them to a clothing drive is a great way to give your unwanted item to someone in need. Catholic Community Services of Lane County hosts an annual clothing drive from mid-January until the end of February, although they also accept donations year-round. Winter clothing items will be distributed to homeless and low-income individuals seeking help at CCSLC in Eugene and Springfield. The drive is collecting winter coats, blankets, socks and winter items like scarves and gloves. Other locations accepting clothing donations are:

Alpine Mortgage Planning: 1200 Executive Parkway Suite 100, Eugene

Anytime Fitness: 65-D Division Ave, Eugene

Catholic Community Services – Eugene & Springfield

City of Springfield (City Manager’s Office): 225 5th St., Springfield

Eugene Friends Church: 3495 West 18th Ave., Eugene

You can find more locations here:

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