Fall is the time for connecting with friends and family, and what is better way to connect with people than hosting social gatherings or spending time at other people’s houses? A great way to make your fall feel more festive is to tie in the theme of Halloween with some fancy appetizers. These easy party snacks impress your friends, while also taking a minimal amount of time to make. These frightful foods are sure to make you an appreciated guest as well.  


Mini Jack-O’-Lanterns
It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without some jack-o’-lanterns thrown in. If the process of actually carving pumpkins isn’t your thing, drawing jack-o’-lantern faces on cutie oranges only requires a sharpie. The nice thing about these mini pumpkins is that there is no time-consuming prep work and messy clean up. They’re fun to make on your own or in conjunction with a friend, but they don’t require you to set aside a whole day. Along with all this, it is a perfect people pleaser—there aren’t many individuals who would turn down a cutie orange if offered one.


Banana Ghosts
Many people are spooked out by the idea that ghosts might exist, but this Banana Ghosts snack depicts them in a way that is less than terrifying. To make this healthy Halloween spread, get a bunch of bananas from the store, peel them, cut them in half and use chocolate chips to make two eyes and a gaping mouth. Friends will be fawning over these creative treats. They’re a great source of potassium while also satisfying your sweet tooth with the natural sugar in fruit. This snack is sweet enough to excite your taste buds, but it won’t overwhelm you. Banana Ghosts take minimal time to make, and they add a more unique touch to any fall occasion.


Graveyard Dip
For those with more of a sweet tooth, the Graveyard Dip is quite the hit. All you need to make this delicious dish is chocolate pudding (either homemade or store bought), Milano cookies, brown icing, and graham crackers for dipping. First, spread the pudding out in a baking dish, then use the brown icing to write RIP on the Milano cookies and stick them inside the pudding as if the Milano cookies were gravestones. If you want to make the graveyard not look so desolate, you can add some candy corn and candy corn pumpkins to make it even more Halloween related.

Get Inspired

While these are family friendly Halloween spreads, there are plenty of other creepy foods to concoct. For instance, hot dogs that look like fingers, pumpkins that are “puking” roasted pumpkin seeds, Jell-O formed to look like a brain, and so many more. The Mini Jack-o’-Lanterns, the Banana Ghosts, and the Graveyard Spread are for those with busy schedules looking for an easy way to feed (and please) the crowd. These are great dishes to bring to parties, keep around for guests and to break out when hosting people. In any occasion you choose to use them, they’re sure to be a success. 

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