Top 10 Haunted Houses in Oregon

by Delaney Rea

Halloween brings out something a little rare in all of us. Most of the year, we don’t actively search out ways to terrify ourselves. In the spirit of the spookiest holiday around, we find ourselves paying actual money for the privilege of getting the willies in truly major way. Haunted houses are a time-tested way to achieve fear nirvana. If you’re like me, it’s one of your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween that doesn’t involve an excessive level of candy consumption. To expedite the process of finding the very best haunted houses that Oregon has to offer, Emerald Essentials has compiled a list of the very best haunted house scares around. Just be ready for some hair-raising thrills.

The Frightuary – Eugene

Founded in 2015, the Frightuary is a large-scale haunted attraction located at our very own Lane County Fairgrounds. Tickets are $13 with your student ID, and the attraction hosts a Food For Lane County on Thursday, October 12. Up to three cans can be brought by each patron, with one dollar off admission for each can. More information can be found at

13th Door Haunted House – Beaverton

The sets of 13th Door Haunted House are a highly-detailed affair, so while they’re scaring the pants off you, you’ll also be marvelling at the impressive craftsmanship. As the single largest haunted house attraction in Oregon, this one frequently ranks highly on the best-of haunted house charts. Tickets are $18 cash and $20 card, with special group rates for parties of five or more. Check them out online at for dates and more details.

The Fear PDX – Portland

With six separate haunted house attractions, which are all included under one ticket at one location, The Fear PDX is nothing if not a great bang for your buck. With names like The Slaughter, The Decayed and Carnage, these attractions are definitely nailing the more hardcore-scare vibe, if that’s the kind of spook you’re dying for. Prices range between $25 – $30 depending on the night. You can find which night is best for you at

FrightTown – Portland

FrightTown hosts three different haunted attractions under one roof. A true beast in size, the attraction fills the 40,000 square foot underground exhibit hall located beneath Portland’s Memorial Coliseum. This year, FrightTown hosts an all-new alien-themed attraction called Sector 13. General admission is $25, with “Speed Demon” passes for those who want to skip the line. Hours and more information can be found on the their website at

The House of Shadows – Gresham, Oregon

Unlike many other haunted houses, House of Shadows is a full contact experience. So if you’re down to overload yet another of your senses in the name of terror, this is the haunted house for you. With seven different haunts that will “F*** you up,” allegedly, the promise of extreme scares rides high here. If you’re uncomfortable with being touched or extreme haunted houses, then this may be one haunted house you want to avoid. Tickets run at $30 for general admission, with additional information at

Spencer Creek Grange Haunted House – Eugene, Oregon

If you want to keep the Halloween good times local, this is the route to go. Every year, Eugene’s Spencer’s Creek puts on this more all-ages haunted house. While it may lack the big scares and production values of Portland’s more extravagant scare attractions, Spencer Creek may be perfect for those who prefer their scares more around a 7 than a 10. The haunted house will be open on October 27th and 28th, and more details can be seen online at

Mad Scientist’s Halloween Extravaganza – Eugene, Oregon

So here’s the thing: this one’s not actually a haunted house, per say. If you prefer the less terrifying side of Halloween, then this is the event tailor-made for you. The attractions include spooky science experiments and demonstrations that are guaranteed NOT to scare to heebie jeebies out of you. Haunted carnival games with prizes are also up for grabs, as well as a giant pumpkin-launching trebuchet. The event takes place at Eugene’s Science Factory on October 30th at noon, and tickets are just $6.

Milburn’s Haunted Manor – Hubbard, Oregon

Milburn’s Haunted Manor is the winner’s 2016 Haunt of the Year. Two different haunted attractions are offered: the Haunted Manor and The Dark. Full concessions by the Graveside Grill and a moonlit pumpkin patch are also on site. Tickets are $10 for each haunted attraction or $15 for both. Milburn Haunted Manor will be open each weekend during October. Visit their website at for more details.

Fearlandia – Tigard, Oregon

Fearlandia’s website boldly proclaims: “Our second year will be even scarier.” A big statement, to be sure. Their two attractions are Clown Retirement, which is absolutely a shoe-in to win the “World’s Most Obscure Haunted House Theme” award, and Swamp Nightmares, which lets you finally find out what’s lurking in the swamp. Fearlandia has the answers, people – just don’t be too afraid to seek them out. Visit for tickets, event date and more.

Fear Asylum – Milwaukie, Oregon

25,000 feet. Two levels. Endless rooms and hallways to explore. Fear Asylum is one of the biggest and scariest haunted houses in the Portland metro area. Located on the back acres of the Milwaukie Elks Lodge, the theme of this year’s attraction is Elkridge Estate (extra spooky), this is one haunted house experience you won’t want to miss out on this Halloween. Tickets are $15 for general admission. Visit for more details.