Housing Fair Raffle Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF TODAY’S HOUSING FAIR RAFFLE! Prizes are available for pick up in the Emerald office in room 302 of the EMU between 9-5, M-F! Bring your student ID!

Xbox One: Madeleine Monkewicz

Beats: Anthony Rushton

Bluetooth Speaker: Daniel Thorpe

Apple Watch: David Choe

Amazon Echo: Markayla Conn

48″ TV: Charlie Barrett

Kate Spade Laptop case: Samantha Toda

Amazon Fire Stick: Rheo Rocco, Laurel Bruggeman, Danny Rojas

Amazon Dot: Bob Canfield, Mira Cohen

iPad Mini: Diego Fernandez

KitchenAid Mixer: Matilda Thomas

Knife Set: Rachel Ramierez, Kirk Temple, Payton Bruni


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