A UO Student’s Guide to Winter Living

Written by Anya Caro | Photo by Sierra Pedro

Oregon has proven just how crazy weather can be. This time of year, we are reminded of the necessities we need to recover from the snow. With warmth and cozy living on our minds, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing the student apartment with the best amenities for those snowy days.

Parking Garages

Nothing is worse than waking up, going to your car and finding it coated in an impenetrable layer of ice. Having access to a covered parking garage means less ice scraping each morning. Occasionally, melting ice and snow can seep into the garage creating caution areas, but this is rare. Overall, they help avoid start-up failures and getting your car stuck in the ice as you back out of your space. If covered parking means a lot to you, we recommend checking out 13th & Olive, Skybox Courtside, and K14.

Washer & Dryers

Having a washer and dryer in the walls of your apartment brings a whole other level of comfort. Nothing is worse than packing your weight in clothes through the chilly 30 degree weather, and being able to throw in your winter wear to clean up all the mud and grime of slipping through the ice and snow is a huge perk. Plus, it ensures you won’t run out of your warmest thermals, and you won’t have to worry about paying for the next load of laundry. What’s better than taking out a fresh bundle of clothes on super cold day to keep you warm? If having a washer and dryer in your next apartment is a must-have, we recommend checking out The Hub, Uncommon, and 2125 Franklin.

Fireplaces (Or heat that’s paid for)

Fireplaces are always a benefit during the winter. The ability to provide heat and build your own fire is an accomplishment of its own. If you can’t get a fireplace, find an apartment that covers heating or has heat. Being able to have access to heat in your apartment means less layers of blankets and the ability to move around without freezing. Chase Village has a fireplace in every living room!

Paid Cable

During the colder months, Netflix and Hulu become our line for survival. However, sometimes these platforms lack the winter movie essentials we all know and love. Having an apartment with paid-for cable allows you to fulfill all those winter movie marathons. On especially rainy or cloudy days, my roommate and I will run to a nearby market, pick up cheap snacks and settle in for hours of movies and couch snacking. If you’re looking for cable and internet that’s bundled with your rent, we recommend inquiring with Ducks Village, 2125 Franklin, Titan Court and The Hub.