Top 10 Horror Shows to Watch This October

by Anna Glavash and Lauren Bruce | photo by Lauren Bruce

  1. Grave Encounters
    A classically creepy – and comical at times – horror mockumentary that takes you through the ruins of an abandoned insane asylum. While this film does rely pretty heavily on jump scares, it also incorporates an uneasy feeling that follow you till the end. Stream on Amazon if you think you’re ready.
  2. Hush
    Mute and deaf writer who lives alone in her secluded home tucked deep into the woods is suddenly challenged by an intruder who is hunter her down like a deer, armed with a bow and arrow. But what can you do if you can’t hear him coming? This haunting thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and wrapped up under your sheets with a watchful eye on your windows all night. Available on Netflix.
  3. Freaks
    An underappreciated classic, Freaks (1932) follows the story of a circus performer who enchants another into falling in love with her so she can steal his fortune. However when his misfit friends discover her plan, they hunt her down for revenge. Creepy and strange, don’t walk away from this black and white nightmare…run.
  4. The Tale of Two Sisters
    If you’re interesting in a disturbing foreign film that will follow you into your worst nightmares then this October check out The Tale of Two Sisters. After the death of their mother, two sisters return home to find that their father has remarried and they suspect that the new woman embodies certain secrets. Available to stream on Amazon.
  5. Twilight Zone
    The Twilight Zone is a haunting 60s classic series that will leave you guessing till the end of every 20 minute episode. Ordinary people find themselves drowning in the Twilight Zone, a place where anything can happen and will. Catch seasons 1, 2, 3, and 5 on Netflix.
  6. IT
    Okay, okay, IT was hyped as a really scary remake of an even scarier movie…but IT was kind of funny! See for yourself, if you dare. Based on a novel by Stephen King, the story follows a group of kids in a fictional Maine town cursed by an evil spirit that returns every 27 years in the form of either a demonic clown named Pennywise or your worst fear (you decide which is worse), taking a few victims with him each time. IT shares an actor with Stranger Things (see below), and you can expect the same mix of light-hearted nostalgia and downright horror. Be prepared to see the world with different (paranoid) eyes afterward. Catch IT in theaters.
  7. Stranger Things
    If you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, expect to binge. This retro sci-fi/horror show is The Goonies meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A boy named Will disappears one night in a small town home to an energy research facility that has some seriously dark secrets. When the sheriff begins to investigate, he uncovers more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Will’s mom and friends won’t stop trying to find him, and get some help from a mysterious girl with superpowers. It’s the perfect mix of goofy and creepy that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat while simultaneously feeling nostalgic for childhood. Burned through all of season one already? You can look forward to season two, airing Oct. 27 on Netflix.
  8. Lore
    Do you love spooky legends? Author Aaron Mahnke collects pieces of folklore from around the world and transports you into the world of the unknown. There’s a different theme for each episode of this podcast, and his voice is seriously perfect for telling creepy stories. This podcast is insanely good when you’re on a camping trip and sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows. It’s also great for bedtime, solo hikes, or just any old time…if you like being mildly scared, that is. Subscribe for free in the Podcasts app on your phone, or on Spotify.
  9. The Thing (1982)
    More of a classic and definitely one you should try this spooky season. The Thing begins with a rush of excitement and chase and will keep you on your toes throughout the film. The “thing” is gruesome and stomach churning, check out this movie to catch a glimpse. Stream on Hulu Showtime.
  10. Black Mirror
    If you love the Twilight Zone, you NEED to watch Black Mirror. In this dystopian British series, each episode is a look into what the world might become if our society falls prey to technology. So close to reality it’s scary, yet just surreal enough that you won’t be afraid of your smartphone after watching. Just be careful how you use it (and how you let it use you). Three seasons are available on Netflix.

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