Top 10 Best Study Spots on Campus

Words and Photo by Michael Davies

  1. Knight library: Arguably the most common place to study on campus, The Knight library offers four quiet floors offering computers to students, a TLC skycenter, and study rooms. They also have printers and copy machines.
  2. Lillis: The ideal place to study for a business major. The building in the day is filled with natural light, and there is a deck on the third floor. The more stairs you climb, the better chance you find an open table!
  3. Business law library: The ideal study spot for law students or anyone who prefers to study in a quiet area. If you want complete silence, try out the law library on the second floor.
  4. Private study rooms at GSH: Need to find a quiet room for your study group? Head on over to Global Scholars Hall. They offer a wide variety of study rooms that are available to rent out. At the front of the building a few chairs are available next to phone charging stations so you can charge as you work curled up next to the fireplace.
  5. Common Grounds Cafe: If you need to find a location where you and your classmates can discuss what went on in class, Common Grounds cafe is the perfect place to grab a snack, chat and study with friends. Common Grounds has at least two outlets per table so you and a friend can study for the long haul.
  6. Roma: Cafe Roma is an easy walk from campus just down 13th street near Jimmy John’s and Starbucks. So if you find the Starbucks too crowded, hop on over and try the more subtle Cafe Roma. They offer outdoor seating (that’s more suitable for the spring and fall terms), tasty pastries and drinks to enjoy. For these colder months their indoor seating is well-lit for study sessions. They’re open every day except for Fridays, and it’s a great morning spot to study since they close around 9pm every day.
  7. Allen Hall: An ideal spot for journalism students to study and brainstorm with their fellow classmates. Plus, there are charger stations on every floor! Allen Hall has naturally good lighting, but can can get a little loud at times, so it’s better for group studying.
  8. Science Library: The Science Library is a high-tech, well-lit and organized space to rent a study room and bring your classmates for a larger group study session. If you need to practice a presentation, the large study rooms include TVs that you can hook up to your laptop to present.
  9. Lawrence Library (architecture): The Lawrence Library offers three floors with computers available for use on the first and second floor. There are also study desks and corners if you need a quiet place to work by yourself. It’s an older building, but perfect if you need to avoid crowds. There’s charging available for your phone and laptop and all the books you could dream of.
  10. EMU: A newly-renovated, three story building that offers a wide variety of studying spots. Whether it’s for studying by yourself or a large group, there will be a spot for you to sit down and focus. If you’re someone who prefers to study with background noise, the EMU Fishbowl offers charging stations for your phone and outlets near every table. If you need a quieter area to study, the basement near Falling Sky has tables tucked away with less noise.


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