Quiz: Which Resolution is Best for You?

Words by Delaney Rea

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “I gave up on my New Year’s resolution after a week.” If you can’t relate, you probably never made one in the first place. While each new year inspires self-evaluation, it’s harder said than done to set the right resolution. This quiz will point you in the right direction when choosing a resolution—and maybe even help you keep it, too.

  1. What gets in the way of your productivity?
    1. Getting enough sleep.
    2. My tendency to daydream.
    3. I lack the funds necessary.
    4. Nothing. I’m completely on track!
  1. What’s your social life like?
  1. Partying 24/7.
  2. I’m a homebody.
  3. My friends dine out; I dine on Top Ramen.
  4. Who has time for that?


  1. Which of these best describes your Winter Break?
  1. Binge-watching “Black Mirror” and eating leftovers.
  2. Contemplating the passage of time.
  3. Depleting savings to buy gifts for loved ones.
  4. Being generally bored to death.


  1. When not studying, what do you enjoy?
  1. I like to take it easy.
  2. Reading about whichever controversy is in the news.
  3. Browsing Amazon for the hottest deals.
  4. I really have no extra time.


Mostly 1: Get Healthy

Time to get healthy! Whether you’re not sleeping enough or skipping exercise, there’s a void of healthy habits in your life.

– Join a PE class like yoga or rock climbing.

– Cut down on sweets. Consider using a “cheat day” each week.

Mostly 2: Enjoy Life More

Don’t waste time moping around! Make the most of life—put yourself out there. Changes big and small bring actualization.

  • Explore travel opportunities like study abroad programs.
  • Invite a friend you haven’t seen in a while to lunch or drinks.

Mostly 3: Be Better with Money

Check your pockets. Are they empty? If so, you might be clueless about how to use your funds.

Mostly 4: Find a New Hobby

You might be overworking yourself with school obligations—or letting yourself slip into routine boredom. Pursuing a new hobby, simply for the joy of it, gives life meaning.

  • Invest in a musical instrument that’s always intrigued you.
  • Join a club that involves an activity you’ve never tried before.

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