Feel Good House Plants

Words by Skyla Patton

Stress levels are high, the weather is dreary and everyone is sneezing. You guessed it, it’s cold and flu season. A university is the perfect breeding ground for illnesses, especially when there’s no way to avoid lectures full of sniffling and coughing students when it’s dead week. While your cough drops and Emergen-C are locked and loaded, there’s are little-known saviors who can help ward off not only a case of the sads but also the worst of colds: house plants. Eugene has a plethora of nurseries waiting to fulfill your foliage dreams and desires as well! Head over to Down to Earth for gardening gifts for your friends or a hand-painted pot for your new plant, open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 532 Olive Street. Fox Hollow Creek Nursery is just as inviting as they sound, and can offer anything from climbing plants to flowers. They are located at 833 West 11th Ave. and open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Check out these helpful greeneries to brighten up your home and your immune system.


Aloe Vera: The mother of all healing plants, aloe vera is almost limitless in the benefits it has to offer. Easy to keep alive and even easier to look at, this cactus beautifies your home while boosting your immunity to external illnesses and anxiety. This plant can also be periodically cut down and the interior gel is rich in amino acids, protein and important fatty acids which help with indigestion and allergies.


Philodendron: These vining plants make for a gorgeous addition to any home decor style, and are great for your mental and physical health. Philodendrons work to purify the air and remove formaldehyde, a chemical put off by most wood products in the home. Easy to maintain and adaptable to most environments, this plant will thrive in your kitchen or living room and brighten your mood.



Spider Plants: If you’re someone who struggles with allergies or a constantly stuffy nose during the winter, spider plants are the hero you’ve been waiting for. Well known for their ability to cleanse toxins from the air, this foliage can remove carbon monoxide almost entirely from a room and help you breathe easy all day long. On top of this, they also have been said to help with seasonal depression disorder and anxiety.


St. John’s Wort: You’ve probably seen this title in a box of tea or as an herb sold on the shelves, but the plant has been utilized as as an antidepressant for hundreds of years. Famous for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and ability to soothe mood disorders, you can’t go wrong with investing in a pot of this natural remedy. The herb itself can be broken down and utilized once it flowers, but simply keeping one in your home is beneficial for prevention of troubled sleeping, anxiety, and common colds.


Lavender: Already renowned for its decorative ability, this popular flower can boost your mood and beautify your home. Easy to maintain as a houseplant, lavender is used around the world for its therapeutic qualities and sweet aroma. Keeping one or two plants throughout your home can improve mood, help with restless sleep, and prevent infections.