Best Plants for Your Apartment

Words by Michaela Barnes | Photo by Michael Davies

Some plants may be beauty to behold, but their aesthetic pleasures aren’t the only benefits to keeping them around the house. Different plants even have different utilities and work wonders in certain areas of the home. Be aware — if you have furry friends, be sure to consult with an animal professional before attempting home plant remedies to make sure your pets stay safe.

Spider Plants

Not everyone has a green thumb or the time to adequately take care of their plants, myself included. The spider plant is a great living room plant because it requires very little care and less sunlight than the average plant. It also has the ability to remove carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals from the air. Just remember not to keep it in direct sunlight or heat.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the perfect office plant. The gel from the plant can help heal cuts and burns, as well as moisturize hair. The plant is also known for providing energy and strength as well as supporting the digestive and immune system, making it a great office plant to help keep you energetic during strenuous days. Make sure to place your Aloe Vera in bright, indirect sunlight and water roughly once a week. Don’t forget to let the soil dry in between watering to keep the plant from rotting.

English Ivy

If you’re having trouble breathing, this is the perfect plant for you. Named the number one air filtering houseplant by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the English Ivy plant is great for hanging in low-temperature breakfast nooks or bathrooms. English Ivy is also beneficial for inflammation and can be consumed in tea or used topically.

French Lavender

While it’s a complicated plant to grow indoors, there are many health benefits. Lavender is a beneficial house accessory, as it helps to soothe anxiety as well as insomnia and inflammatory, making it useful for beauty regimens and aromatherapy.


Sometimes we just want a little pop of color mixed in with our greenery. We also want that pop of color to be hard to kill, just like this perfect dresser plant. Orchids have many added benefits including, improving air quality and stress relief. Just remember to water your orchid just before it dries out to keep it healthy.