Beer & Wine At Your Door

by Anna Glavash | photos by Benji Rothenberg

The dark, damp mornings and blustery evenings of recent weeks are not exactly motivating to get outside. Picture this: it’s 9 p.m. on a Thursday night. Maybe you’re trudging home from the library, or you just finished up a group project and it’s time to celebrate. You could just be sitting at home in your pajamas. Whatever your situation, the problem is the same: it’s raining, and you’re out of beer.

What if you could just log on to and order up a six pack or a bottle of wine? Here’s the thing—you can. Starting this November, alcohol—along with the rest of their delicious food—will be available for online ordering and delivery from Cornucopia directly to your door. No raincoats, no boots and no need to experience the elements at all. Interested? We thought so. Here’s the lowdown:

Nils Stark owns Cornucopia on 17th Street, and he’s excited to provide one of the only restaurants in Eugene that delivers beer and wine. In fact, they’ve been offering alcohol delivery for three years, and it has definitely caught on. Currently, orders for food and booze delivery are placed over the phone, but his web developer is putting the finishing touches on the online system that will be ready Nov. 1, just in time for the nasty weather to really settle in.

Cornucopia is known for their burgers, which were voted 2017’s Best in Town by Eugene Weekly readers. They have 15 (fifteen!) unique burgers to choose from. Each one consists of a half-pound of locally raised, all-natural Oregon beef. The best part is that you can substitute tater tots for fries with any burger, or if you’re not a carnivore—or if you just love veggie burgers—you can opt for a house-made local tempeh and black bean “vurger.” These are the obvious choice to accompany your beer, but Cornucopia’s extensive and diverse menu is sure to have something for everyone.

There’s a wide selection of beers to choose from, most of which are not listed online. Of course, you can request popular IPAs by Ninkasi and Oakshire, Cascadian Cider, and classics like PBR, Budweiser and Coors. The choices don’t stop there; Cornucopia also offers dozens of microbrews that are coming to the website soon. For the rest of us, there’s a decent selection of wines including pinots and even Brut—yes, you can celebrate finishing your homework with champagne. Now that’s amazing.

Delivery is available from Cornucopia on 17th from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The fee is $3 for most of Eugene’s campus neighborhood. Alcohol delivery is limited to two six-packs or two bottles of wine per customer. Orders are prepaid over the phone, so if you don’t have ID, you’ll have to ask for a refund. Don’t be that guy.

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