Words by Skyla Patton | Photo by Trevor Meyer

We’ve all heard the typical New Year’s resolutions—and we’ve all seen their outcome, too. The first week of January can be borderline chaos for the local gyms, health food stores and jogging paths. Many of us know from learning the hard way that these resolutions aren’t always as easy to keep as expected. After all, just keeping track of one pencil over the course of a term can be a challenge at times. Check out these ten resolutions for college students that you’ll actually be able to keep in 2018.

1. Study at least 24 hours before the actual exam

Now bear with us—this may sound ludicrous but it will actually really help, we promise! Even if it’s just a day or two in advance, picking up the book and skimming the material a few times will do more for your test scores than you expect—and no, sleeping with the textbook under your pillow doesn’t count. Explore the EMU upper levels for hidden study spots or check out the atriums in Allen and Lillis for a quiet, scenic location.

2. Don’t go out literally every night

Even if it’s just a night or two, staying in and having “you nights” every once in a while will help your day-to-day life and even enhance your remaining party days. Opt for Taco Tuesday in your own kitchen or start the trend Water Wednesday with a decent bedtime to match. You’ll watch your eye bags fade away—well, a little bit at least.

3. Drink more water, or just less beer

We know that this one may be harder for some than others, so this is a sort of sliding scale resolution. Whether you’re buying a 30 ounce Hydro Flask to chug three times a day or simply downgrading from a twelve rack to a six, adding some good ol’ H20 to your diet is sure to make for a new, better you. (Bonus tip: if you don’t have one already, the Duck Store has a few sizes for great prices!)

4. Attend class more than twice a week

Taking note? Staying awake? Pish posh! Getting to class and sitting your behind in that seat is the first, most important step. Experiment new ways to make the process easier, like wearing your clothes for the next day to bed or camping out with a sleeping bag in the lecture hall itself.

5. Refrain from eating Chipotle on campus every day

Even the most strong-willed among us struggle when faced with the pangs of hunger and an $8.99 burrito slathered in sour cream and salsa—but for your own sake, just try. Pack your own loaded burritos from home to save a few extra dollars or opt for a salad instead. If you’re not ready to give it up all the way, ask for your burrito in a bowl rather than the tortilla to shave off a few calories.

6. Talk to at least one person a day

No, Siri or your life-sized Joe Keery cutout doesn’t count. Saying thank you when someone opens the door or giving your mom a FaceTime call to let her know you’re alive will help humanize your day and pump some energy into your usual zombie-like state. Bonus: If you’re feeling really risky, say hello to the person you sit next to in lecture—it’s wild.

7. Get one less espresso shot in your Starbucks

It would be obscene to try to eliminate the trendy coffee shop from your diet entirely, so this resolution is a little more realistic. Whether this lowers you to an eight shot or a decaf, it’ll help with the caffeine-induced twitches. We promise that vein in your eye will get less red.

8. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours…sometimes

From chronic insomnia to staying out until 2 a.m., this can be a reach to accomplish, and we get that. Try to designate a day or two where you really commit to a good night’s rest to help boost your energy for the rest of the week. Light the aromatherapy candles, turn off the screens and crank out on a Monday.

9. Do more at the gym than take selfies

Admittedly, the mirrors are huge and the lighting is fantastic so it would be cruel to cut out selfies entirely. It is important to note that the recreation center also has state of the art exercise equipment and facilities that are totally open for student use—who knew?

10. Promise to eat less microwavable food

While miniature corn dogs and chicken pot pies are totally justifiable cravings, it’s not exactly a lifestyle to sustain for years at a time. Try to incorporate some vegetables or general green stuff into your diet once in blue moon to spice it up. PSA: Kraft mac ’n’ cheese is only 99 cents and that’s not so bad either.