Hub On Campus Eugene

Written by Sam Styles | Photo by Trevor Meyer

Not all student apartments are created equal. What separates Hub On Campus from other apartments around the UO is its ready-made luxury lifestyle. Rather than moving into an apartment crammed full of secondhand furniture and recycled sidewalk couches, you are living in a fully-furnished spa. Complete with a rooftop pool, hot tubs and a sand volleyball court, the Hub has the most unbeatable amenities around. When you explore the rest of the building, you’ll find it decked out in high-tech exercise centers and state-of-the-art entertainment rooms. All of these facilities are overseen by the ultra-helpful Hub staff, many of whom live just down the hall, guaranteeing that they love the apartments just as much as you do.

The Hub’s big goal is to make your off-campus living experience as enjoyable as possible. They accomplish this by fostering relationships not only with the Hub residents, but also with their parents. This makes any problem solving experience as easy as possible. In addition to building helpful relationships, a full-time maintenance staff is dedicated to keeping your Hub lifestyle on track around the clock. Nobody wants to live without wifi or suffer the problems of a broken shower. Due to the tireless efforts of Hub’s maintenance staff, you won’t have to.

If you are looking for community, don’t worry, the Hub has that covered. While many other apartments lack proper communal spaces, the Hub offers a multitude of areas specifically for community. Once again, let me direct you to the rooftop pool. Perhaps you’d prefer the on-demand yoga room, or even the rec room full of ping pong tables, pool and air hockey tables along with barbeques and a great meeting space. These places will provide the perfect forum to meet your neighbors in a fun environment. At other apartments, your only interaction might be running into each other while taking out the trash. If you don’t feel like playing ping pong, then you can meet the people around you at one of the Hub’s hosted events. They throw rooftop parties, football watch parties, holiday parties, you name it! In fact, there is hardly a party they don’t throw. How better to meet your coolest neighbors than at a party?

The key to happy living has always been to surround yourself with the people you love in a relaxing environment, but college living often makes finding that balance difficult. Friendships can be strained when you live in a cramped space with a frustrating landlord and confusing bill payments. In every way, Hub On Campus strives to eliminate these unnecessary stresses in your life. Living here, you can focus on achieving your student goals and making friends in a relaxing, warm environment without all of the frustrations that come with other off-campus living situations.