Brunch for the Fierce and Wise


With the switch from food truck to sit down brunch, Lion and Owl has rapidly become one of the most popular new spots near downtown Eugene. Starting as just a small food truck, located on 5th and Washington, the restaurant is now official neighbors with Eugene Toy and Hobby. This adorable new brunch is yet another step towards sprucing up the restaurant scene, making it even more approachable and delectable for tourists or long-time Eugene foodies. Catering to almost every dietary restriction, they have meats, veggies, vegan treats and even a few gluten-free options on the menu. But the fun does not stop there!


Lion and Owl is also already known for their fun cocktails. With intricate and exciting options, there is everything from spicy to sweet to sour; even cold brew coffee is incorporated into the cocktail menu! These exciting cocktails match their exciting menu and environment.


Do not worry, the people making your food are even cooler. Kirsten and Crystal, co-owners of Lion and Owl, are both originally from Oregon and have culinary backgrounds from the LCC culinary program. These amazing women met while working together at Marché, another hot spot restaurant in Eugene. While bonding over wine, delicious foods and menu making, these two ladies thought of the idea to invest in a classic Airstream and convert it into a food truck. While the food truck was fun and helped make ends meet, they were becoming so popular they decided to expand. This dream of having a restaurant has become a reality for these two, and in only two years! With a kind and welcoming environment, both adult and kid-friendly menu, and outdoor seating available, Lion and Owl will is here to stay.


Not only does the Lion and Owl have great hospitality,  the selling point on this place is the original airstream trailer that they were able to get inside of the new restaurant location — which has now been converted into a full bar. They were even able to add seating inside.


The Owl and Lion has also done a phenomenal job incorporating other small businesses in Eugene to make their spot as local as can be. Below are just a few that help make this business such a successful one.


Urban Lumber Co. → All of the tables and the bar itself made by a small company out of Springfield Oregon that specializes in creating finely handcrafted furnishing from sustainably salvaged city trees.  


GrownWorks Organics → Certified organic veggies, fruits and cut flowers for sale!


Café Pacori → Where Lion and Owl gets almost all of their coffee beans to ensure a quality espresso. Café Pacori uses certified sustainable hardwoods to roast their coffee over an open fire. This creates a smoky, sweet, less acidic bean that is sure to please.

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