Written by Delaney Rea | Photos by Matthew Maitz

Campus dining is incredibly convenient – depending on your dorm, a hot meal is just a quick trip downstairs away. Despite this ease of access, you may find yourself growing bored with the same old offerings at Global Scholars Hall and LLC. Being confined to campus, it may seem like Eugene dining is too far away to really take to your advantage. Luckily, this is not the case. Located just a few blocks from campus, the intersection of 19th and Agate offers an enticing array of all sorts of dining. Here’s a look at what the neighborhood has to offer.

Sweet Life Petite

Filling the campus’ void of fresh decadent pastries is Sweet Life Petite. Their parent location, Sweet Life Patisserie, is a staple of the Eugene dessert scene but represents a far trek for those who live on or near campus. Since opening up their new location on 19th right by the legendary ice cream of Prince Puckler’s, the corner has arguably become Eugene’s premier dessert spot. Business has been nothing less than booming, as patrons from all over the area seek out the sweet tastes and mellow vibes. Don’t let the lines dismay you, though; the wait is worth it for this slice of high tier dessert artistry at a reasonable price. Crafting everything from cream puffs to elaborately assembled cakes, Sweet Life will easily hit the spot for anyone in search of something sweet for any need. Whether it’s ordering up a cake for a special occasion, splitting some tiramisu after dinner or simply grabbing a cup of their signature espresso and a pastry on the go, Sweet Life Petite has whatever indulgent fix you’re craving.

Location: 1609 E 19th Ave.

Dine-in and take out

Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria

It’s Friday night, and you’re looking for the perfect spot for an upscale night out on the town. The familiar haunts just won’t cut it; what you need is the perfect combination of atmosphere and fine Italian food. Look no further than Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria, Eugene’s favorite campus-accessible array of pasta, fine wine (if that’s your thing) and antipasti. This isn’t your typical pizza-and-alfredo, Americanized Italian menu; the authentic palate of Italy is evoked through classic dishes like puttanesca and garganelli caprese. For the past eight years, the establishment has been voted the best Italian restaurant in Eugene by the Eugene Weekly, thus proving that their commitment to quality has given them longevity. Specializing in the most authentic Italian cuisine since 1998, they’re the second best choice for the taste of Italy after an international plane ticket. Whether it’s date night or the parents are in town, head to Beppe and Gianni’s for a touch of class and Italian flavors to blow your mind.

Location: 1646 E 19th Ave.


Studio One Cafe 

While Eugene has plenty of breakfast options like Brail’s and Off The Waffle, the problem is their proximity to campus; without wheels, you may be limited to the less enticing offerings around campus. Fear not, as Studio One Cafe has newly reopened right off campus at 1473 E 19th Ave. Providing a menu of options for both breakfast and brunch, Studio One is positioned perfectly for those spontaneous trips for late-morning breakfast following a night of partying. Adorning the walls of the establishment is an array of classic film memorabilia, fostering a memorably themed dining experience. Continuing the theme, much of the menu contains dishes titled as wordplay on famous movie titles. Offering a home-style environment with anything-but-ordinary food creations, this friendly, cinematic breakfast joint next door is a valuable asset to the campus neighborhood.

Location: 1473 E 19th Ave.


Every Day Kine Grindz From Hawaii

Feeling a taste for the Hawaiian Islands? The bright green Every Day Kine Grindz food truck has you covered Tues – Fri, 6 – 9:30pm (so what if their name is a bit misleading?) With a variety of combinations including teriyaki chicken and kahlua pig to try, you’ll always find da kine of Hawaiian cuisine you’re looking for – right off of campus.

Location:1905 Agate St.


Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream

If you know Eugene at all, this is most likely a place you already know and love – but maybe you’re new here! I don’t know! Either way, Prince Puckler’s is page one in the local food checklist. Just about every single flavor you could ask for is available here, making it the stone cold key to your ice cream loving heart. Just be sure to bring cash; their $5 card minimum charge has caused many a brain freeze via ice cream overdose.

Location: 1605 E 19th Ave.

Take-out and dine-in

Oolong Tea Bar

“What, another bubble tea bar?” you may ask. “As if this campus was suffering a fancy milk tea deficit,” you may say – foolishly. My advice: don’t sleep on the newest tea bar offering in Eugene. The flavored tea drinks are beyond potent, like biting into the fruits from which they derive their flavors. With innovative new styles for delicious drinks, Oolong may be the game changer to the tea scene you didn’t know you needed.

Location: 1607 E 19th Ave.

Dine-in and take-out

McMenamins East 19th Street Cafe        

For late-night munchie satisfaction, McMenamins on 19th can’t be beat. Happy hours are 3 – 5pm and after 10pm, giving you no excuse not to take advantage of their price-slashed appetizers. For those of age, you’ll come for the wide range of brews on tap and stay for the conversation-inducing atmosphere that tends to strike once you pass through the doors.

Location: 1485 E 19th Ave.

Dine-in and take-out



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