Shoe-A-Holic | 2017 Best Shoe Store

Words by Nicole Scopelliti and Anya Caro | Photo by Lauren Bruce

For 25 years, Shoe-A-Holic has been providing stylish, quality kicks for affordable prices. Priyamon Makydatui, the store’s owner, previously operated out of the quirky local shop Lazar’s Bazar. Before long, the growing establishment outgrew its space for shoes and moved downtown. Between word of mouth and the consequent dedicated student following, Shoe-A-Holic became a go-to shop for everything shoe related. It’s apparent that the shop can fill the needs of a diverse crowd, as you’ll often find a mix of local families and UO students browsing the store.

Stance Socks, an ever-popular brand among college students, contributes to the shop’s success due to the product’s high demand. Vans, New Balance and Doc Martens are also among the most popular brands that entice a variety of shoppers. When asked what sets Shoe-A-Holic apart from other shoe stores Makydatui said, “We’re well known for our Doc Martens. We’re one of twelve stores on the West Coast who sell the authentic brand.”

Shoe-A-Holic has been selling Doc Martens stateside longer than anyone else. Other than a few stores in Seattle and one in Portland, Shoe-A-Holic is the only place to buy original, United Kingdom-made boots. They’ve also been selling Vans since the ‘80s, a staple in many college students’ wardrobes. Shoe-A-Holic also offers a wide selection of “work-friendly” shoes, which are especially beneficial for those working in the restaurant industry, or even a dining hall on campus. The shop now sells Sperry waterproof shoes, which are a must-have for any Eugenian. They’re water resistant, have a drain in the shoe for trekking through troublesome puddles and have a quick dry time.

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes before the sunny days of spring arrive. After a bleak winter term, you deserve it. Visit Shoe-A-Holic at 957 Willamette Street- Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 a.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Shoe-A-Holic received 1st best shoe store in EMG’s 2017 best of campus this spring.