Falling for Autumn Decor

By Skyla Patton

Autumn is here! Fall fans are rejoicing in the crisp air, big fluffy scarves and plethora of pumpkin spice products. Even if you’re more on the “bah-humbug” side of the aisle, there’s one thing that most of us love about the turn of the season: the leaves changing color! It’s always a joy to watch the trees morph into totally different palettes and shed their leaves into huge, beautiful piles of color. Check out these fun DIY projects for bringing this special moment and the season of fall into your home.

Leaf Banners

This project is so easy and is such a great touch to every home. It’s almost a crime to not go out and do it. Go out and collect a handful of your favorite leaves that have transitioned and turned into beautiful gold or orange colors — make sure they’re in good shape and not decaying already. Pick up a paint pen of your choice — silver, white and other light colors look best —  and get ready to channel your inner calligraphist. Paint words or phrases that mean something to you or that match the season, like grateful or hello, fall! Let the paint dry and use a thin string or twine to tie a knot around the stem of each leaf in chronological order —  that’s so when you hang it up, it’s spelled correctly! Tie your fun new banner above the mantle or in your dorm room to spruce up the vibe.

Vase Centerpieces

Pick up a clear glass vase of your choosing. I recommend picking up one from the local Dollar Tree. This project is limitless in it’s options and will bring a fabulous pop of color and festivity to any dining room or coffee table. First, clean the price tag off with some hot soap and water. Then pick up a large votive candle and secure it into the middle of the vase with a dab of glue, filling the sides with a topping of your choice: popular items are corn kernels, cinnamon sticks or coffee beans to give your home a wonderful aroma all day long. Another way to decorate this centerpiece is to skip the candle entirely and fill the vase with larger objects to create a sort of “hanging” effect: mini pumpkins, scented pinecones, or dried corn ears will give your dorm or apartment an immediate festive feel for little to no effort!

Hanging Leaf Garland

To finally fill that annoying open-looking part of your living room wall you can’t stop staring at, autumn leaves are here once again to save the day. This fun DIY is only three steps and will give you a festive decor piece that can please any eye. Select your favorite fall leaves from outside — again, clean and in good condition — and search for the straightest dead branch you can find — bonus points for knots in the wood or unique coloring. Pick up thin fishing line from a hardware store and cut pieces in varying lengths, not exceeding the height of the space you want to fill. Tie knots around the stems of the leaves so they hang upside down and then knot the opposite side of the line to the branch you picked out earlier. Once all your leaves are on, secure the branch at the top of the space with thumbtacks or wall hooks and there you have it! A gorgeous wall piece, hand crafted by the homeowner themselves and up for everyone to see.

Bling Pumpkins

If you’re someone who just can’t get enough of pumpkin everything during the fall, this is the decor project for you. Spruce up any room in your house or add a fun pop to your dorm room with these easy to make bling-bling pumpkins. Buy a handful of mardi gras beads and pick out your favorite squashes from the local pumpkin patches — smaller ones work best for this project, like gourds or mini pumpkins! Paint a thin layer of clear-drying glue over the top quarter of the pumpkin. Start at the top closest to the stem, and lay the beads down in a spiral pattern across the top of the pumpkin. Once you run out of the glue portion of the pumpkin, repeat the process — do this slowly and in steps so the glue doesn’t dry before the beads are stuck on! Once you’re finished, hold the beads onto the pumpkin for a minute or two to make sure they’re really secure, and then you’re done. Place your new glittering pumpkin anywhere in the house or use it as a centerpiece on your table!

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