Although National Hangover Day might sound playful and amusing, the hangover after a long night of drinking is not. At all. Headaches, nausea, aching and being tired all day can and will make you feel awful. The feeling of giving all of today to last night can make you feel silly, and overall disgusting. Taking just a few of these steps can really turn your morning around, keeping the hangover at bay. Good luck and have fun (responsibly) drinking!


The dreaded… HEADACHE :(

Easily one of the most irritating hangover staples, that seems so inevitable, but does have the possibility to be stopped!

  • Taking 2 Advil before bed, and setting an early alarm to take more Advil before really waking up for the day can help you have a little more energy before you wake for real.


  • Some places that can help you get what you need are:


  • Eating carbs to soak up all the liquid in your body can be extremely beneficial for your tomorrow.


  • Burrito Amigos! 24 hours of services cheap- near campus-and quite possibly the most delicious decision you’ve ever made at 2 am


  • Unfortunate to say, but McDonald's! Still cheap, still near campus- and oh so greasy.



  • Denny’s: A little more spendy, though who doesn’t love breakfast food at weird hours of the night? Their hash browns are something special, and (bonus tip!) taking a Lyft to Denny’s is only 6 dollars from campus.


  • If you want to save a few bucks, you can also eat toast, bagels, chips, or any other carby or greasy foods can help your morning.

Water? I barely know her!

Tips that parents and high school health classes throw at you may seem dated and unnecessary at face value, but water does makeup 60% of our body, so stayinghydrated is extremely important. One glass of water in between your drinks actually works! It'll make your night last longer, and the next day your body will thank you for keeping yourself hydrated. Hydrate or die-drate my friends.


PLEASE make me wash my face before bed okay”


  • Most ladies or gents last words before losing a game of rage cage. Although it might seem absolutely IMPOSSIBLE before falling into your bed at night, brushing your teeth and washing your face keeps you feeling fresh the next morning, also no mascara on your pillow,  random lashes in your sheets or new acne when you wake up in the morning.


  • In addition to feeling good when you wake, water on your face and the minty toothpaste can wake you up a bit, helping you to remember the other necessities you have to do before bed. This might be texting your parents that you’re home for the night, or leaving your key somewhere hidden for your roommate who forgot theirs when you left.


Give yourself a day to relax!

  • It can be really helpful to really just give yourself a day to relax and do nothing. Planning ahead and only drinking on nights where you have nothing (or at least not a lot) to do the next day can help you out in the long run. Cuddling up with your cat and just watching Netflix can cure your headache and nausea most times more than Advil