Best Pastries: Espresso Roma is a brightly colored coffee shop located just off campus next to the University of Oregon Duck Store. This coffee shop hosts a lot of group gatherings where college students come to discuss interesting school related topics, or people in the community come to collaborate. While you’re working, pick up one of their delicious scones or muffins as a tasty, freshly made snack.

Best Brunch: Destination Vero Espresso Café has a coffee roast that is simultaneously flowery and citrusy. The outdoor seating at this house-turned-café gives Vero a very comfortable,  laid-back ambiance. Vero also serves a full brunch menu that can’t be missed.

Best Quick Grab: Crumb Together is a quick service kind of coffee shop with quirky decoration and freshly baked cookies. The drip coffee tastes quite earthy, making it not overwhelmingly citrusy. It has very eccentric art, along with a convenient downtown location for quick pit stops.

Best Drip Coffee : The Barn Light is a coffee shop that offers earthy and flowery flavored drip coffee. While serving as a coffee bar, it also serves as real bar with arcade-like activities positioned in the back of the shop. Located in the heart of downtown, The Barn Light has a rustic aesthetic and some of the best drip coffee around.

Best Themed Decoration: Tailored Coffee Roasters is located across from the popular 5th Street Market. The baristas are chill and helpful with their customers and provide a very vibrant tasting roast. The mostly black and white color theme makes it more chic, a perfect place for snapping a foodie photo or living in real-life ambiance.


Best Variety:  Provisions Market Hall makes coffee that has a more earthy taste with sweets to pair. At Provisions, there is a variety in food served—pastries, bread, and sorbet; there’s also a menu for sandwiches, soups and salads. Provisions Market Hall serves as a family friendly gathering place, styled in a more European light. The architecture is open and airy, and it is located inside the 5th Street Market surrounded by chic boutiques.  

Best Sophisticated Atmosphere: Perugino serves as both a coffee shop and wine bar. The crowd is more sophisticated with a very professional and attentive staff. The general rustic European and slightly industrial aesthetic feels very warm and homey. The drip coffee is very earthy tasting and seems to come right out of the French press.

Best Affordable Coffee:  Theo’s Coffee House is a combination between a pizza place, coffee shop and bar. It has a very edgy, hipster aesthetic, but without the high price tag to match. Colorful murals case every wall in the dimly lit seating area. There’s a stage at the edge of the seating that hosts live music and other performances.

Best Late-Night Study Destination: Wandering Goat Coffee Company offers more mildly flavored coffee that is earthy with a hint of rose hip. It has a rustic, down to earth environment. More than half the customers can be found bent over a laptop working on homework or other productive things. The coffee at Wandering Goat is brewed every 20 minutes making for a very fresh taste in every cup.

Best Aesthetic : Coffee Plant Roasters is located out in the direction of west suburban area of Eugene. It has a chic, industrial aesthetic that fits the coffee shop ideal and will satisfy your desire for a classic cafe. The drip coffee has more tang to it than most places, but it offers a wide variety of options of different kinds of coffee you can order. The atmosphere offers a lot of natural light and is very open and airy, perfect for relaxation and Instagram.