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Emerald Essentials is the business-run lifestyle publishing group of Emerald Media Group, University of Oregon’s independent student media organization. Its mission is “Live. Learn. Eat. Play.” Essentials content covers everything a UO student needs to know to live their best life while attending the University of Oregon.

Help us save student newsrooms

In conjunction with Save Student Newsrooms day on April 25, we launched our $3,500 campaign to provide our newsroom with some of the tools and resources needed to compete in the digital world.

We are asking for your generosity at this time to help us update our multimedia equipment.

We have not been able be purchase any multimedia equipment since 2013 and are working with lenses that are 17 years old. Unfortunately, we often rely on students using their own equipment.

Your donations will not only help Emerald Media Group produce better content, but it will also better prepare our student journalists for professional positions by giving them opportunities to use state of the art equipment.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the Emerald Media Group and our student journalists.