In the basement of the volcanology building at the University of Oregon, Dr. Robert Schofield sat hunched over his leaf-cutter ant colony, housed in a cluster of glass terrarium boxes connected by intertwining tubes. He watched as Ant 256 plunged her mandibles into a waxy leaf for the last time.

Was Weezer ever cool? Is it their inherent uncoolness that makes them cool? We investigated what Weezer means to the current generation of students at University of Oregon, and studied the nature of uncool-as-cool through the eyes of music critics from Grantland, The Oregonian and The Villag…

Next year, tuition and fees at the University of Oregon will climb another 3.7 percent for in-state students and 3.8 percent for nonresidents. For many, this  means taking loans, asking parents for more money or working another job.

Far from home, Endalk Chala looks the part of a normal graduate student. A book bag, filled with papers to grade and assignments of his own hangs over his left shoulder and he wears a friendly and enthusiastic smile. But beyond his daily life at the University of Oregon, Chala is also an act…

Help Choose the Emerald Beer Name!

Falling Sky is making an Emerald Brew!

Our staff proposed these names and now we need your help in choosing the finalist! Please vote below and be sure to visit Falling Sky in October to raise a glass for the Emerald!

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