Q: What's the true meaning of Christmas?

Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan, Sophomore

“The true meaning of Christmas is giving back to your family and spending time with the people you love.”

Georgia Weeks

Georgia Weeks, Junior

“For me the true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the holidays with your family, and your friends, and getting together. And it's more about feelings and relationships than the actual act of giving gifts.”

Simon Ayalew

Simon Ayalew, Sophomore

“I think the true meaning of Christmas is being with your family. I feel like Christmas is one of those holidays that’s global. So like everyone’s going to be with their families and friends. Like America has other holidays like Thanksgiving and stuff, but Christmas is the global family holiday.”


Quinn Dozier

Quinn Dozier, Junior

“Christmas to me means enjoying time with your family. My brother just got engaged so Christmas this year is going to be so fun.”

Parker Campbell

Parker Campbell, Sophomore

“Even if you don’t believe in Christmas or Hanukkah or any of that, even if you don’t celebrate, it still is a really festive time of the year and everyone’s having parties and getting together and dressing up and it's just an occasion. I feel like everyone’s really happy because they’re in the ‘Christmas spirit’.”