Q: What Do First Impressions Mean to You?

Street Talk - Frankie

“I don’t think they’re as important as second or third impressions. Sometimes people aren’t the way they seem when you first meet them.” -Frankie

Street Talk - Charlie

“First impressions are usually a decent enough way to quickly judge someone, but ultimately it’s not a true judge of character. Sometimes you gotta look past that.” -Charlie 

Street Talk - Kylie and Katie

“That’s so hard. I don’t even know how to answer that.” -Kylie (left)

“I try not to put too much pressure on it. Because I always make a really bad first impression.” -Katie (right)

Street Talk - Chris

“First impressions… I think they’re fleeting.” -Chris

Street Talk - Aidan

“I like to get to know a person, I like to reserve judgment. I’m not very good at judging people.” -Aidan

Street Talk - Niamh

“You can form an opinion on the way someone looks, but it’s not gonna be factual until you actually first speak to them—that’s what creates your baseline opinion of a person.” -Niamh