Unsplash Erik Brolin

When we take a look back at the start of the decade, most of us cringe, others reminisce, but we can all agree that lots of change has happened. The start of a new decade means evolving, and that starts with your wardrobe. 

For some, you may not know where to begin when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe. Start with finding your style; what makes you most confident? To find your niche, I’ve highlighted three Instagram profiles that should help guide you to find your own personal style.

  1. @papermagazine: This magazine profile features celebrities’ most iconic moments, from the cast of Little Women eating Wendy’s in a carriage on set, to Laura Dern dancing on Tik Tok. Taking note of what the celebrities wear when they’re not on the big screen gives insight to fashion trends and different styles that other magazines might not notice. Paper also highlights certain brands that are either up-and-coming or are currently popular and writes a report about them. Following this profile will make you the most powerful underground fashion expert you’ve ever seen.

  2. @diet_prada: If you seek drama and love to stir the pot, this account was made for you. Read all about the most recent scandals within the fashion industry, from knock-off couture dresses, to “what to expect” in next years fashion week. This profile also voices their opinion on the brands they like and dislike, letting you know which brands are popular, and which ones need to go.

  3. @voguemagazine: I know what you’re thinking, of course, Vogue is the place to look for fashion advice. But I also know that Vogue can be intimidating and seemingly unattainable. Flipping through the magazine full of couture pieces and fashion shows seems too far out of reach for most. Their Instagram, however, holds a different aesthetic. From their “day in the life of a model” series, to celebrity makeup tutorials done in their bathroom, Instagram reaches a wider audience. You truly get an inside look into what the trendiest pieces are and how to style them.

For others, you may know your style and how you like to dress already. I recommend taking your personal style into your home. How can your chic-yet-casual look be represented in your living space? For this, try looking in boutiques in your town; they’ll surprise you with unique pieces, and they’re local. Boutiques will have a wide range of styles and won’t be as mainstream as going to, say, Restoration Hardware. Other stores, such as Anthropologie where their buyers pull pieces from antique shops and boutiques, are certain to have great items, but with a price tag. With a mixture of these two means for shopping for your home, translating your personal style into your home will be seamless.

My last, and maybe most crucial, tip is to observe those around you. Whether you’re studying at university or working in a city, pay attention to small details people include in their wardrobe. A unique or personal touch to an outfit can make something go from average to memorable. Watching those around you allows you to see what’s in style and how people are styling it. When I first arrived at university, I noticed a trend of two distinct pairs of booties being worn. It made sense, they were practical for the weather, but also fashionable. I ended up buying a pair of booties out of sheer willingness to fit in, but they have now become my absolute favorite pair of shoes. Sometimes, the most popular item is popular for a reason — because they’re great. 

Fashion is evolving, ever-changing, and full of trends, but your style is unique to you and what makes you most confident. Finding your own style is crucial to being a more confident person.