moving up moving in getting out of the dorms

It’s that time of the year again. Students are rushing back to campus, some eager and others not so much, for a fresh start with a brand new term. As freshmen begin to roll into Eugene, cars packed full of brand new items for their dorm, many returning students are doing the same, but instead; are planning to furnish an apartment or house for the first time. Making the transition from living in the dorms to off-campus can be tricky, especially if you’re not exactly sure what you should buy and what you should toss. But don’t fret, we’re here to tell you what items you should consider picking up if you are moving to a new off-campus place and the remnants of your old dorm you should probably get rid of.

Goodbye Mini Fridge, Hello Pots and Pans

Let’s face it, that mini fridge was definitely worth it during your first year in the dorm. It was the place to store all your favorite late-night snacks, that dreamy cold water bottle after a night out and leftover food from the dining halls or take-out. Now that you're ready to move into a bigger place, that means a full-sized fridge and no need for your tiny one anymore. Since you will no longer be eating at the dining halls and most-likely cooking your own meals, it’s a good idea to invest in a nice set of pots and pans. Don’t worry, the microwave will always be there, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

Toss the Cables, Get a Streaming Stick

For those who didn’t have a television in their dorm room, most utilized the common room’s TV. The only inconvenience was when you and/or your friends wanted to watch Netflix, someone had to drag their laptop out and plug in that good ole’ HDMI cable, creating a mess of cords and the disruption of having to get up every time to change what was on the screen. The best part about living off-campus is that the TV is either all yours or shared by only a couple of people, not a whole floor. This means freedom! Buying a streaming stick like a Roku or FireStick allows you to skip the hassle of dealing with pesky cords and lets you stay cuddled in that perfect position on the couch while being mobile when needed.

Ditch the Shower Shoes, Pick up a Bathtub Mat

Rejoice! You no longer have to share a shower with a ton of people. Of course, this does not mean you shouldn’t protect your feet still while bathing. Sure, you no longer have to wear those annoying sandals while in the shower. But I would recommend buying a bathtub mat to not only help against slips and falls but to also help protect the bottom of your tub from rust and yellowing. You and your landlord will be grateful later when the shower shows no signs of damage. 

Scrap the Desk Organization, Look for Storage Organization

Making sure your desk was organized in your dorm room may have been a priority when moving in. But moving into an off-campus place means prioritizing other things like storage. Instead of worrying about where you are going to store your pens and pencils, instead, consider where you are going to store all those textbooks you’ve accumulated over the terms. Items like cube organizers, shelving units, or even storage ottomans can create even more space to store all those things you don’t immediately need all the time. Not only are these items practical, but they can also help spruce up your space as they come in a variety of colors and designs!