Each term is a new beginning, and that’s especially true for the spring term as we watch the campus come back to life. Beginnings are great, but they can leave us full of questions. If you need a little guidance, a fun and memorable way to get some clarity is to visit a local psychic. 

I visited Michele Niver, the founder of her own psychic consultation service, Heavenly Vibrations, at her office in West Eugene. Here, she leads group sessions as well as hosts workshops that can teach you how to tap into your own psychic energy.

When did you realize you had psychic abilities?

It’s kind of all over the place now that I think back on it. I had tried all the different areas of nursing and decided to go to massage school. Through the many dark, quiet hours of working on people’s bodies, I realized I was communicating with spirits. I would tell them what I was picking up on and they’d be so excited. And how could I have known those details? I didn’t believe it was true at first. Eventually, I couldn’t deny it. 

How easy is it to read someone?

Sometimes it’s really difficult. Most of the time it’s easy, sometimes I don’t even try. I pick up on them before they even get here or before I even get on the phone with them. But some people have a wall up, they’re nervous about what I’m gonna find. And if I’m out in public, I don’t wanna be picking up on everybody’s energy so I put a screen up. 

Can the psychic sensitivity be overwhelming?

Before I figured out what it was, it was overwhelming. I was having panic attacks and was anxious all the time. One day I decided to watch the Long Island Medium, and she said that she had been going to a healer for panic attacks and they said, “You’re not having anxiety because there’s something wrong with you, you’re having it because you’re feeling the spirits around you.” And now, I realize that I don’t really have that anxiety anymore.

How do you deal with negative energy from your clients?

When someone gets really angry, it changes the vibration of the sessions and the spirits just disappear. Some people don’t like the information that I’m giving them. It’s funny how sometimes the things that we need to hear the most are the things that we want to hear the least. 

Why would someone choose psychic therapy over traditional therapy?

People do this to have healing and realizations about where to go in life to be more successful, whether it’s financially or emotionally or in a relationship. When the spirit can come through and I can give somebody information about something I couldn’t have known beforehand, they know it’s coming from beyond. It tends to make more of an impact because it came from a higher power, a place of higher perspective and objectivity. 

What is a typical reading like from your perspective?

Before the reading starts, I get quiet and meditate and I invite their guides to come in. I get a paper and I write down whatever comes through ahead of time. Then, I use oracle cards or divination cards. I shuffle them, and inevitably some stick out funny or they fall out. 

Most people wanna see what I have to say before they let me know much at all, then I go to the list that I’ve written down and I see if any of it makes sense to them. What really astounded me when I started doing readings was the list always made sense. Even when it made absolutely no sense to me, it would make sense to the people for different reasons.

What’s the hardest part of being a psychic?

The hardest part is giving people bad news, telling people stuff that I know will be really difficult in the beginning. I used to censor it because I was too scared to tell them. Then it would happen to them, and I felt bad for not telling them. I found a way to push through the discomfort of telling them there’s no magic answer — you just have to work through this.

Do you have a favorite part?

The favorite part is that lightbulb moment when they realize something that’s gonna be life-changing for them. The more you work on other people the more healing you’re going to have in your own body. The more I do readings, the better I feel, and the more my chronic pain is gone. Connecting with the vibration of the spirit world is healing to our bodies, and I love that.

For the last part of the interview, I asked Michelle to pull cards for a tarot spread to share what the spirits can tell us about spring term at UO. 

The Celtic Cross spread gives an overview of your situation, goals, and incoming influences and outcomes. The messages of each tarot card are then related to their position in the formation

Card 1 / Current situation: Queen of Earth — Taking the sensible approach to challenges.

Card 2 / Challenges: Star — Making optimistic long term plans

Card 3 / Destiny: Eight of Earth — Skills being rewarded

Card 4 / The Past: Page of Fire — Exciting new endeavors

Card 5 / Goals: Queen of Water — Nurturing and trusting emotions

Card 6 / The Future: Sun — Confidence that new ideas will be successful

Card 7 / The Questioner: Experience — Powerful revelations that lead to change

Card 8 / Environment: King of Earth — Accepting new opportunities will lead to success

Card 9 / Hopes and Fears: Ace of Earth — Inflow of abundance

Card 10 / Outcome 1: Ego — Caution to avoid fear-based thoughts

Card 11 / Outcomes 2: Queen of Fire — Asserting your independence in creativity

Card 12 / Outcome 3: Nine of Fire — Be resilient, protect your creations

Card 13 / Outcome 4: Four of Water — Openness to new possibilities