DIY Springtime Decor

Words and Photo by Kara Fagan

Spring has finally arrived in Eugene! It’s time to spruce up your bedroom decor with small projects that you can do yourself at a reasonable price. Here are two different mini-projects that would be perfect for any room in your college apartment or house. You can buy the material to create these products at craft stores like Michael’s, Target or Hobby Lobby.

Sand Candles

Sand candles are the perfect decor for any room that needs a little more sprucing up. In order to create this, you will need three glass candle holders ($5.99 at Target), a pack of fragrance-free tealight candles (Approximately $6.29 at Target) and a jar of sand.

Set up is simple, and only takes about five minutes. Fill the glass candle holders half-full with sand and then place one candle in each holder. Once you light the candle, you’ll have a cute little addition to brighten up your room for spring.

Floral Jars

The best way to liven up your living area for spring is with flowers, flowers and more flowers. One project that is extremely cheap is a floral jar. You will need to buy two jars of any size or shape ($5.99 or so at Target), three different colors of tiny gravel/pebble bags ($3 at Michaels) and plastic plants ($9 at Target).

Once you have gathered all of the necessary material, create one of the floral jars by placing one color of gravel into a jar almost to the top. Then place one plastic plant into the gravel. For the other jar, place a small amount of one color into the jar, then another small amount of a different color and then the last top layer with the last color of gravel. Then, place the other plastic plant into the jar. Once both jars are filled, you now have two mini art pieces to add to your bedroom.